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I was stopped in Virginia and cited for dui and refusal. If they drop the DUI but convict on a refusal, it that a better situation than the reverse, drop the refusal and convict on dui? I want the best to keep my license as much in tact in Florida as possible. Thanks.
Prosecutors do not normally offer to drop the DWI in exchange for a refusal plea. That only happens when you have a...
I moved out of state over a year and a half ago. My child's father gets summer time visitation. I have learned recently that he has had 2 charges within a month for an open container while driving and a DWI just a week ago. His court date for his DWI is scheduled for a few days after he is scheduled to pick up my child. Is there any way that I can hold visitation until after his court dates. I am concerned for my child's safety as well as the possibility of him recieving jail time during his visitation
If you refuse to comply with the court-ordered visitation then you could be in contempt of court and the father could...
I'd like to know if a Wreckless Driving reduction from a DUI in NV will hurt me with a DUI arrest in VA? BAC was a .10. The officer waited almost 3 hours before giving breathalyzer, made me do the FST on uneven pavement in very cold weather and searched my car without asking. He found nothing but I was arrested and my car was towed. I'm concerned this may be considered my 2nd offense??
Only a prior DWI conviction can cause you to be convicted of a DWI second offense in Virginia. A prior reckless driving...
While leaving a party that was busted by the police a cop stopped me when I was leaving and told me to blow on a breathalyzer, I told him I hadn't been drinking. I actually had been but had only had one beer. I blew a .012 and apparently the legal limit is .015. When the officer who was filling out my paperwork he asked how much i blew to the officer that breathlyzed he said a .015 which I remember not being true at all.
Underage drinking is not legal. If your only defense is that the number the officer said you blew is inaccurate (i.e....
DMV sent a letter asking me to pay a reinstatement fee and get an FR-44. Called DMV and they said I have to pay and get the FR-44
Did you have a question? I'm not clear what you're asking.
Dec 27 2009 DWI dropped to Reckless driving in VA 6/mo restricted vasap completed is it ok to apply for us citizenship now ? On Dec 27 2009 I was arrested for DWI in Prince William co VA went to jail 1 night. Court date feb 2010 my charge was drop to reckless driving with 6 month restricted license to work home and vasap class Done. All court fees paid. "Have you been arrested ? Yes on the night of dec 27 2009 . "Have you been in jail ? Yes The same night. got release the next morning . I would like to know if I'm ok to apply for citizenship now ? Or should I wait 3 more years. 1 Reckless driving in feb 2010 1 speeding ticket 41/25 in 2012 Other than that I'm clean. Thank you
You damn apply for citizenship as long as under no probation or any other restriction on freedom.
I got DUI in Virginia, I was pulled over because i "barely stopped" at the stop sign. The reason officer was patrolling there, because someone reported gun shots. He suspected me being the one that fired a shot, and used my "traffic violation" as a probable cause to pull me over. He asked me if had drank and i said I had "two beers", he told me to step out the vehicle and he made me take field sobriety tests in which im very bad at because of my balance, I agreed to a breathalyzer test and got .11(BAC). As minor information, I will be turning 21 in a week, and my arraignment is right after my birthday, i do not know if that will have an effect on the case. The time when i got pulled over was about 2am, and i was pulled over in an area that i wasnt very familiar with because it was far.
There are several attorneys who will talk to you and give you advise about your case. The AVVO find a lawyer tool is an...