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I was stopped in Virginia and cited for dui and refusal. If they drop the DUI but convict on a refusal, it that a better situation than the reverse, drop the refusal and convict on dui? I want the best to keep my license as much in tact in Florida as possible. Thanks.
Prosecutors do not normally offer to drop the DWI in exchange for a refusal plea. That only happens when you have a...
I was sleep in the passenger seat, i was awaken by the driver screaming and yelling for us to switch seat and her sitting on my lap. I just slid over, I was intoxicated and had no idea what was going on. I slid over and that's when I saw the police behind us. i failed the breathalyzer and was arrested for DUI. She will not admit to driving. she has precious charges for driving with no license. (I was unaware). I have no idea what to do. I've never been in trouble before.
Unfortunately, if the car was still on when you switched seats the fact that she was driving before is irrelevant. The...
Money is pretty tight. I was arrested for my first DWI, I blew .21. Since I blew a high BAC Will a court appointed attorney be able to get me out of jail time? And be able to reduce my sentence ?
It depends. Just like private attorneys, public defenders are a mixed bag. Most of them are among the best and most...
My father was driving back from work around 2am; he pulled over the car on the side of the road because he was not feeling well. He has an extensive history regarding his health which includes hearth attacks and cancer. He took half of an oxycodone, which is prescribed to him, five hours before. While resting on the side of the road, my father left the car running so he could have the heat running. An officer came and had him do the walk straight ling test, now my father just woke up and was already having pain. The officer arrested him but he was let go at the police office and was given a court date.
Many are surprised that one can be convicted of DUI even when stopped and sleeping in a car on the side of the road....
My son will apply for deffered action renewal but had a DWI conviction. Will that be a basis for a disapproval?
Under the federal statute authorizing the deferred action renewal, a DUI is enough to derail the process. You will...
I'd like to know if a Wreckless Driving reduction from a DUI in NV will hurt me with a DUI arrest in VA? BAC was a .10. The officer waited almost 3 hours before giving breathalyzer, made me do the FST on uneven pavement in very cold weather and searched my car without asking. He found nothing but I was arrested and my car was towed. I'm concerned this may be considered my 2nd offense??
Only a prior DWI conviction can cause you to be convicted of a DWI second offense in Virginia. A prior reckless driving...
Dec 27 2009 DWI dropped to Reckless driving in VA 6/mo restricted vasap completed is it ok to apply for us citizenship now ? On Dec 27 2009 I was arrested for DWI in Prince William co VA went to jail 1 night. Court date feb 2010 my charge was drop to reckless driving with 6 month restricted license to work home and vasap class Done. All court fees paid. "Have you been arrested ? Yes on the night of dec 27 2009 . "Have you been in jail ? Yes The same night. got release the next morning . I would like to know if I'm ok to apply for citizenship now ? Or should I wait 3 more years. 1 Reckless driving in feb 2010 1 speeding ticket 41/25 in 2012 Other than that I'm clean. Thank you
You damn apply for citizenship as long as under no probation or any other restriction on freedom.