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Can my brother be charged with DUI if no tests or blood work was performed?
My brother just finished a trial and no evidence was provided. The state didn't have no blood work and the officer didn't perform any field tests on my brother on the night he wrecked his car. He received 5 years of probation and 30 days in jail for this. Is this fair? Can they convict him even though they didn't have any evidence? Also, for the first offense, isn't the punishment to steep? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Also, he wasn't arrested at all but was sent to the hospital; they didn't draw any blood from him.
If the trial has ended, it is obvious he can be charged with the offense. If he received 5 years of probation, then he...
If you have a "wet reckless" conviction and catch another DUI charge -- still a 2nd degree misdemeanor? Also question about plea
. I've not yet retained an attorney but this isn't my first rodeo. I know you can probably count actual DUI trials on one hand, but if you have seen someone go to trial and lose -- what sentences are typically imposed? I guess the meat of this post is "My plea seems bad enough, is it that much worse to be found guilty of DUI at trial?" Do guilty DUI defendants typically receive just jail time if they endure a trial, or do they get jail time + all the conditions of a plea bargain (probation, car impound, dui school, etc). Or is the Plea Bargain really a great deal considering the slim-to-nill chance at beating the charge in a trial, and the loss of freedom that would lead to job loss. Admin suspension sustained, so DUI School II, anyway--finally"not guilty" trial = reverse DMV ruling?
The severity of your sentence after trial will depend on the judge and any aggravating facts associated with your case....
Can a county wait 8 years to turn in dui conviction?
I was convicted of a dui in 2007. I just got a letter saying my license has been suspended for this offense. when I called the dmv I was told that the county just turned in my conviction and I have to pay to get my license back. I don't understand how this is possiable when in 2007 I was placed on probation, had my license suspended , was required to go to dui classes, and pay fines to get my license back.
How long was the length of your suspension when you were adjudicated on the DUI. If it was a year, your suspension...
Is the Kehoe test a good defense for a DUI case ?
A friend of mine was charged with suspicion of DUI because of an illegal turn, however it turns out t his attorney was able to get a video footage of a nearby building, and it clearly show that my friend didn't not make an illegal turn. I have been reading on the internet about a KEHOE TEST, and that the burden is on the state to prove that the stop was legitimate . Can his lawyer use the KEHOE test to get any evidence suppressed. I reckon any evidence obtained thereafter would be illegal because the 4th amendment right was violated ,and a judge should make the state prove their case by doing the KEHOE TEST ? Can the prosecutor decide to drop the case at the pre trial conference, if it is determined that the officer lied, and the Kehoe test will prove that the stop was illegal ?
Though I'm not convinced the Kehoe case is the most persuasive authority, your analysis is correct. If your friend did...
How will IL DUI effect FL license?
I have a lawyer in IL who is unclear on how a sentence of court supervision will be handled in FL. Also when does the SOS report the statutory summary suspension to the FL DMV? I was arrested on 4/21 and as of to-date, my license is still valid.
Florida and IL are part of the Inter State Compact on Driver Licenses, which means that once a suspension is issued in...
Am I able to obtain a Florida license at this time even though my California DUI is still in the process of being resolved?
'I am in the process of resolving a DUI charge I received in California (i.e. paying the fine, community service is complete and I took a 4.5 month course in Florida that I do not think will be approved in California) so.. Am I able to obtain a Florida license at this time even though my California DUI is still in the process of being resolved? as I am now a resident of Florida? Thank you.'
Most likely no. Florida and California are part of an Interstate Compact on Driver Licenses, which means that if your...
I totaled my car and was arrested for a DUI. I have a hardship license but I need to buy a new car. Can I test drive a car?
I don't want to buy a car I have yet to test drive and 2 dealership let me test drive after showing my temporary hardship license yet today I was denied a test drive b/c of the hardship license. If yes where can I find the law to show them that I can b/c I don't think they know what to do so they just say no.
You need to contact an attorney immediately with that charge.