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  • Doctor charged in sexual assault of patient in New L...

    12 hrs ago | via TheDay.Com 

    Police arrested Dr. Glenn Giarratana, 58, of Madison Tuesday on charges he made inappropriate sexual contact with a female patient during a physical examination this summer at the Hartford Dispensary in New London. New London Police arrested a doctor from Madison Tuesday on charges he made inappropriate sexual contact with a female patient during a physical examination this summer at the Hartford Dispensary in New London.


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  • New London Physician Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges

    15 hrs ago | via 

    New London Police arrested Glenn Giarratana, 58, of 22 Genesee Lane, Madison, on charges of sexual assault in the fourth degree, on Wednesday, Oct. 22. On or around June 9 of this year, New London Police detectives received a complaint from a woman who alleged that she had been sexually assaulted by a Hartford Dispensary physician. According to Deputy Chief Peter Reichard, the victim said she was at the Hartford Dispensary for a yearly physical and was left alone with Giarratana after meeting with a nurse.


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  • Police: Fugitive Climbed Through Window, Sexually As...

    Monday Oct 20 | via The Hartford Courant 

    Police said the 23-year old man who allegedly entered through a bedroom window and sexually assaulted a 10-year old city girl had an extensive criminal history and was a fugitive from a halfway house at the time of the alleged incident. Desmond James, 23, was arrested Friday and charged with home invasion, first-degree sexual assault, unlawful restraint, second-degree threatening and impairing the morals of a minor after DNA found on the victim matched with DNA on file with James.


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  • Woman Charged In Newborn's Death Appears In Court

    Friday Oct 17 | via The Hartford Courant 

    An 18-year-old woman accused in the death of her newborn son whose body was found in a trash can August was arraigned Friday. A judge kept bail for Geralyz Sotomayor-Cruz set at $500,000.


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  • Men Accused Of Spending $30,000 In Bogus Bills

    Friday Oct 3 | via The Hartford Courant 

    His nickname is "Dollarz" and he and an accomplice are accused of passing more than $30,000 in counterfeit currency at national chain stores throughout the state, including two in Newington. Kamarv Whetstone, 28, of the Bronx, N.Y. -- who calls himself "Dollarz" on his Facebook page -- and Tabari Bailey, 27, also of the Bronx, face dozens of counts of first-degree forgery and other charges in the case.


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  • Enfield Officer Fired Over Brutality Charge

    Friday Oct 3 | via The Hartford Courant 

    The Enfield police officer at the center of a police brutality investigation was fired Friday for his actions related to the arrest of a Windsor man in April, the town police chief said Friday. Police Chief Carl Sferrazza confirmed that Matthew Worden, a 10-year veteran of the force, was fired and that a second officer involved in the incident, Michael Emons, has been suspended for 90 days.


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  • New Haven Police Arrest Yale Bookstore Arsonist

    Friday Oct 3 | via The Hartford Courant 

    Police arrested a suspect who they say was responsible for setting a small fire in the bathroom of the Yale University Bookstore earlier this week. Police say they arrested the 14-year old New Haven boy hours after releasing images of the suspect Thursday afternoon when the boy's foster parents recognized his picture on the news and contacted police.


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  • Middletown Police: Intoxicated, Pants-less Man Fough...

    Monday Sep 29 | via The Hartford Courant 

    A 21-year-old man who police say was found intoxicated and pants-less on the Wesleyan University campus early Sunday has been charged with assaulting a police officer and disorderly conduct, according to a police report. Danilo Perez, of Woodstock, New York, was charged with two counts of assault on a police officer and one count each of interfering with an officer and disorderly conduct, police said.


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I sometimes sit in court and hear these terms.
In California, the different stages means the length of the program. You'll have to speak to a DUI atty in CT to know...
I got a 500 dollar fine 100 hrs community service and had to go to some classes.
You need to consult with a lawyer that practices administrative law in CT. An administrative lawyer would know the answer.
I have had an IID on my vehicles for 9 months. Last Sunday morning my girlfriend tried to start my car, as she uses it on Sundays, the IID failed a test (1st and only). I know I am responsible for the vehicle and the IID What will happen? Part of my probation is not to drink at all. I am on non-reporting probation (administrative).Will Probation find out? I assume DMV will send records? also should I call my PO right away and explain what happened? IID was not locked out permanently, was able to start vehicle later that day. thank you
You should expect that for this failed test you will receive a letter from DMV, eventually your probation officer and...
Does it change state to state
DUI, or driving under the influence can vary from DWI, which is driving while intoxicated. While interchangeable in...
I was driving drunk, impaired, crashed the car. Police arrived and had the car towed, handcuffed me to hospital. At the scene they took a breath test. I was subconscious, but had crashed the car before police arrived. I rested in the hospital overnight, no blood drawn, released in the morning. Got my car released from tow company to my insurance company. Searched the car, did not find any citation there. Now I am puzzled what is going to happen next?
Well it will depend on what the breath test showed at this stage and it does not sound like you know that answer. It...
It was my first conviction, was convicted in Nov 2013. It went all the way to trial. I was still found guilty. I am doing community service and on probation. Also, my licence states now for business only.
Whether or not you can obtain a Connecticut drivers license depends on the status of your Florida drivers license. You...
My husband was arrested for DUI and driving with a suspended license. He needs an attorney,what the fee estimates and defense options or chances.
Asking what his chances are is the equivalent of calling a doctor, tell him what your temperature is and asking him...