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Was arrested for dui given a ds 1205 form and want to no if i can still drive a 18 wheeler
Yes. If you file a 10 Day Appeal Letter to protect your license you can drive even after 30 days.
I was driving a comm vehicle and was pull over by county police for failure to mantain lane they calm was give field test no breathe test and released to call my boss to come get me and the vehicle then a state patrole comes up about 30 to 45 min later as i am waiting on my boss then want to get me a field test and still no breathe test was offered again but he makes a arrest on me can i bet this case county police release me and then state patrol arrest me i sat there for about 3 hours doing field test and waiting
This sounds like a defensible case. To maximize your chances of beating the case, hire an experienced DUI lawyer.
I'm 52 w/ no prior problems and no history of alcoholism (a Christmas party I got carried away at). The charges were dropped to reckless driving.
Unfortunately, if you were convicted of any crime, whether it was the original DUI or the reduced Reckless Driving,...
I was convicted of a DUI in Oct of 2012. The judge let me keep my license but as a limited permit where I can only drive to and from work. I can get my full privileges back when I take a defense driving class. I have not been able to take the class because of my work schedule but I will have vacation time for me to take the class in the middle of Oct. The problem is my limited permit expires on the 9th of October. So can I get an extension and how do I go about doing so. Also I have paid all my fines, community service, and probation.
As it is the Dept. of Driver Services that issues the limited permit, you should contact them about a possible...
Just want to know who decide is you guilty or not?
Um......this should be fairly obvious, but, in a JURY TRIAL, the JURY decides if you are guilty or not. The judge...
What can I do to get my driver licenses back if the judge will not give me a permit for a IID or a wavier. It has been over 2 years. On a 2nd dui.
What did your attorney tell you?
once i failed the morning tests i got out and found a ride to work without retesting cause i didnt want to lockout. i was fine to drive though. im not on probation. should i be concerned when i go to dmv in upcoming weeks? these questions concern the interlock ignition device for 2 dui. also i have not received any notifications about the fails.
Positive results on the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) can cause your work/limited permit to be revoked or not allow...