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Why does my record show 2 convictions: DUI & reckless driving? And can it be expunged
i was arrested in 2013 for a DUI but a plea in court reduced the charge to reckless driving. I was told only reckless driving would show on my record. I applied for a job and was offered the position but they retracted the offer when my recorded showed a conviction of DUI and reckless driving for the same date.
The DUI will always show as well as the Reckless Driving. However, the DUI will show it was amended to Reckless Driving....
Can I get convicted of DUI for taking Gabapentin?
I refused the blood test and passed the field sobriety tests. I was actually texting while driving and had an accident (ran red light too) because I was distracted. I was not impaired, I was just stupid enough to be distracted. A witness told the police that she thought I was 'under the influence of something' and the officer seemed to be determined to arrest me because of that statement. The officer had to call his supervisor to figure out what to arrest me for. He didn't know. What are my chances at trial? I have not been charged with reckless driving, just red light and DUI drugs.
In Georgia, you can be charged with DUI Drugs if the officer determines you are less safe to drive due to the drug....
Pulled over for DUI
there are a few things with my arrest I'm curious are usable towards reducing charge. I was pulled over for my "tag" lights being out. But the were not out. The cop said he pulled me over for tag lights being out and asked had I been drinking. I said yes, a couple. He then asked me to sit tight while he ran my id. He came back and said a DUI cop was coming and told me to give him my keys, in case I decided to run. Was that legal? Also during the eye test of the field test I informed the officer I had a lazy eye. He laughed and said, yep ya do. He also gave it to facing the cop car with lights on with traffic behind it. What do you think? I blew 0.14. Thanks
I think with a .14 you are facing an uphill battle.
When I asked what I was under arrest for the answer was suspicion of dui. but it turned into a dui is this legal?
also I wasn't on a road I was in a friends yard. and the call had nothing to do with that. me and my gf were arguing and turns out after I was hauled off to jail they find so called marks on her which she blatantly denied. so I was not only charged with a "dui" but also simple battery!!!
The DUI law covers every square inch of the state. Doesn't need to be on a road. Arrested for the "suspicion of DUI"...
How does a Jury Trial works in a DUI. Does the Jury decide your fate or the Jury
Just want to know who decide is you guilty or not?
Um......this should be fairly obvious, but, in a JURY TRIAL, the JURY decides if you are guilty or not. The judge...
Failed 5x. 1 time while driving. it was false positive from protein bar. passed the 2nd test imediately. others were next mornin
once i failed the morning tests i got out and found a ride to work without retesting cause i didnt want to lockout. i was fine to drive though. im not on probation. should i be concerned when i go to dmv in upcoming weeks? these questions concern the interlock ignition device for 2 dui. also i have not received any notifications about the fails.
Positive results on the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) can cause your work/limited permit to be revoked or not allow...
In a DUI case, can the Judge rule that the person go through the DUI course and not put it on the person driving record .
If this person have a clean driving record?
If you are convicted / plea to DUI, the judge has no say as to whether or not it goes on your driving record.....It...