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I have two weeks left on my probation Dui probation can they revoke it now?
I was sentenced to two years of probation for a dui not first offence heavily monitored. Now at the end they are saying some things are missing from my file. Such as they community service, and little things. They lady who signed me off no longer works at the thrift store. Can they revoke me now when it was due a year ago. I am scheduled to be off in two weeks. If so will I have to do my full suspended sentence? Or could I be resentenced? Do I need a lawyer?
It sounds like you already appeared on an alleged violation of probation for failure to complete community service and...
A friend is on probation for a DUI in NC and wants to leave the state (permanently) for a clean slate in CO. Is this feasible?
It is their second DUI in the state. Also, could they obtain a license in CO?
There is an interstate driver license compact, of which both North Carolina and Colorado are members. Member states...
I got my 4th mip and im going to be enroled in a impatiant program and was wondering if the judge could treat it like a 1st mip
I am currently 18 and i am going to get help here within a few days my lawyer told me i could get very limited charges
No, the Judge is not going to treat you on your 4th MIP as if it is a 1st MIP. If you have a lawyer I am surprised you...
Will Colorado extradite me from Kentucky over a dui?
I did everything and had 58 hours done of my classes they informed me the wouldn't count that I had to start over my hours Cuz the place they sent me wasn't certified by the state anymore so I left.
This means CO has likely issued a warrant for your arrest. Warrants never expire--much like Twinkies. It's doubtful...
I just got my interlock sent in all my paperwork for early rienstatement of my lisence in co. But I have school in Virginia?
I have done all my stuff that I need to do for my dui my classes my probation my community service. I just sent in all my stuff for co early rienstatement but I have school in Virginia m my permanant residence is in co. Is it ok to attend school and work in Virginia while I get my interlock done through co
DMV cannot prevent you from leaving CO. If you are on probation and have to report to a PO you will need to make sure...
Son hired an attorney for DWI and requested jury trial. He is attempting to get a public defender. What's best course of action?
My son was on his way from Denver to Grand Junction. He ran out of gas and was parked at the side of the road when an officer stopped. Son's car smelled like marijuana so they took him for blood test. Had blood level (not sure what it was) so he was arrested. Friend bonded him out. He had a job over the summer so postponed the hearing. He had a lawyer (not a DUI lawyer) and went before the DA twice and it was not reduced. Then he requested a jury trial. Does he have a better chance with a jury? He is trying to get a public defender but would he have a better chance hiring an attorney?
He should hire a private attorney or go to court and request a publice defender. Sounds like he has some money so he...
I got a DWI convection in TX last week. I live in CO. My question is can CO add more penalties to my judgement? i.e. interlock
My judgement ordered 15days jail (already served) and 90 day suspension of driving privilege. No fines, interlock, classes, or probation. Colorado has different laws as far as penalties for a dwi convection.
Colorado participates in the Interstate Compact on Drivers Licenses. Colorado will not add to the Texas penalty, but...