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I was arrested for DUI while on vacation in AZ, 2 mo. ago, following an altercation with another in the car. I drove away to let him calm, and he called the police, who appeared about when I came back. Everyone had been drinking heavily, and I felt sober so I drove. Since it was clear everyone was drinking, they requested a field sobriety test, which I did fine on, and breathalyzer test, which I blew .10 BAC. They took blood for lab testing. I spent a night in jail, and the next day was dismissed without prejudice, pending lab results, as well as the Assault charge dropped for self-defense. I need to appear in court again for arraignment in about 2 weeks for DUI and, now, Reckless Driving as well, and I have a 13 hour drive to appear. Any advice, options, or what to expect is appreciated
You should contact an experienced DUI lawyer in the area where you are scheduled for court. The consequences can be...
I am not sure of DORAs requirements. However, I would error on the side of reporting it. You won't be able to drive...
For a friend. He has two prior DUI's in another state from many years ago. Recently got one in Colorado. One of the priors shows up as deferred sentence. Is that considered a conviction? What is the statute on that for Colorado?
No. It is not a conviction. However, understand that the judge will consider that your friend now has a third DUI and...
OK i got a dui in july in moab utah on vacation. i am a colorado resident and have a colorado licence. I would like to know what happens there. it was a first offense and blew one point over the limit. in utah they can suspend it for up to 90 days on a first offense since i dont live in utah would my licence still be active or would i have to reinstate it.
CO and UT are both contact law states in which they will report a DUI from UT to CO and CO will likely suspend your...
Ok I had a interlock in my car last year. My car was broke down and I didn't have the money to fix it. I took it to the juck yard. Called the DMV,interlock company that same day. I have poof of calling them. I have been out of work. Then I had two hearings last month. The first one the hearings officer said that he didn't have my proof. Then I called his suppervisor and he told me that he will tell him where my proof was. A week later i have a hearings and the officer said since keeped the interlock 2 months after I got rid of the car cuz I was out of state. I was guilty of 42-2-132.5 I just got a job. I want to fight this in appeals court and to be able to get a car with a interlock. So how hard would it be to win in court?
There are time deadlines within which to appeal a DMV Hearing decision. You need to go and talk to a DUI attorney as...
It was in our house, yet we never gave alcohol to anyone. Any alcohol that was brought, was brought by these kids. We both didn't even want these kids at our house. The two of the minors were 17.
It sounds like you have a defensible case. You need to hire a local defense attorney or apply for the public defender...
Officer claims I was weaving and pulled me over. Blew a .093. But also took a blood test with results still waiting. It was also my birthday.
Happy birthday. All DUIs can and should be fought. You need to get an attorney.