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my cdl was canceled due to my medical card being expired, and I was arrested recently for a dui, while my cdl was canceled, How will this effect my cdl licence even though it was canceled at time of arrest for dui?
Since your CDL was cancelled, it will have no effect. However, if you are convicted of DUI, it could make it nearly...
My son was driving a vehicle. We were pulled over he was being given a sobriety test.. I stepped out of car and asked if I could call someone to come get me.. The officer pulled me over and started asking questions. She said if you can drive go ahead and take the car, I told her I would rather someone come get me. She told me to sit in car. I sat down drivers side door open and used my phone.Officer immediately arrested me and charged with DUI. Was told city would reduce if i paid 2K in fines reduced to public intox - couldn't afford legal and they said it would be reduced - I had a CDL license and a bus driver for 19 years. I have lost my job and now unable to get any employment. Lost my house - lost everything. No one will hire me because of this!Is there any way to reopen or go back?
Depending on how long ago you plead in the case, it may be possible to seek to withdraw your guilty plea, or to file...
How will this affect me
You need to speak with an immigration attorney and look carefully at your immigration documents. If you have to sign...
I was just arrested for a DUI in GA..I spent all day in jail .. my license is suspended and my court date is not until July
For drivers license purposes, if this is a first DUI on the Georgia license, it is be considered a first DUI. For...
4 yrs ago arrested in NJ for DUI and now just arrested in GA
Hire an attorney as soon as possible. Follow your attorney's advice.
I was arrested for DUI in georgia in 2009 and the case was dead docketed. Arrested again 1 year later and the second time I was convicted. I complied with all of the legal obligations (probation, etc.) However, I got behind on my probation fees due to my inability to obtain employment. Wanted to leave GA to seek employment elsewhere. I elected to do the remainder of the sentence in jail so I could legally leave the state.. Now it shows up as a violation of probation. Can I get the VOP expunged? I was violated simply because I couldn't pay. My question is does the first arrest show up on a criminal background check as a conviction? I checked the county court records for the first arrest and it shows up as "closed" in 2010. (Dated before the 2nd arrest and conviction (no further activity)
The first arrest should not show as a conviction, and under Georgia's new expungement laws you should be able to...