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I am going to get an evaluation by a program in which they see if i am an alcoholic or not. I will be getting drug tested and wanted to know what would happen if i failed the test for marijuana and not alcohol
Please go hire the best DUI attorney you can afford. What happens depends on too many factors to list here. Most...
So my question is if i have smoked marijuana and i get drug tested when i go on probation and fail the test for marijuana. what would happen? because my charge was drinking and driving not marijuana
You will be violated. Can't take illegal substances.
Charged with a DUI Arrested in Arizona, but live in Maryland. I would like to serve my sentence in Maryland. I was told that Arizona is potentially flexible with letting people serve there sentences in other states as long as their is an agreement with the detention center in the home state. I just don't know who to contact in order to come to an agreement.
my lawyer told me I will receive a pbj for my first dui in maryland. I wonder whether it will affect when I apply for a job after college graduation. How it will show up? will it show up as a pbj for a dui or just a pbj? Will potential employers find out and care about if I had one? I know I have to disclose If im asked for pbj, but not sure if I have to disclose it as pbj for a dui? or just pbj? anyway, I was not drunk but tired, so fell asleep at the red light around 2am. trying to do everything I can do to prove that I was not drunk..(drove 18 hours from florida one day before.
If all you did was fall asleep, then I have to assume that there is no positive breath/blood alcohol test results. Did...
On Jan 15 I was pulled over I panicked and ate less than a gram of bud the officer saw it and told me to spit it out. He didn't arrest me or anything. He just said said I will have a court date in the mail. How should I go about this? I don't have anything on my record at all and I have a state job. He didn't tell me what I was charged with either
When you receive your citation in the mail, contact a criminal defense attorney. Most offer free consultations. A...
failed to appear for initial hearing for my 2nd dui/dwi case. 1st dui/dwi i received pbj, alcohol education, etc. what can I expect this time
It depends on several factors, including how old your prior dui is, whether the present incident involved an accident,...
I'm looking at a conviction for a 2nd DUI in 8 yrs with a NY license while driving in NJ (first was in NY). Since the case started, I've moved down to MD for work. I'm wondering how this will play out if I'm convicted in the following cases: 1) If I keep my NY license, I would be suspended soon after a conviction and be unable to apply to MD for a hardship license. Would I be able to apply to NYS for a hardship license to allow me to commute in MD? 2) If I move to a MD license before conviction, would I be looking at any actions or holds from NY (since that was the licensing state at the time of the incident)? I would welcome any suggestions as to how best to proceed here.
If your license was valid in NY and the conviction in NJ is the equivalent of a DWI unclassified misdemeanor in NY,...