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I have two months left on my unsupervised Misdemeanor DUI probation. Can I travel to Central America?
My DUI was in Alaska, I asked permission of the court to move to Arizona, the motion was deemed a moot point as I am on unsupervised probation and have fulfilled my DUI classes, Interlock device, fines and community service. I want to travel to Central America the middle/end of July but my probation is not up until August 12th.. During the last two years I renewed my passport without a problem so was wondering if my travel plan will need to be postponed (which is a huge problem!)
Most judges will terminate unsupervised probation if all the terms and conditions have been met. My advice is to...
Plead guilty to first offense D.U.I. in Co. Nov.2000 was sent for alcohol evaluation then returned to court for sentence
judge refused guilty plea based upon evaluation report an set trial date i did not return for any further proceedings it has been 13 yrs. do i still face charges i received no notices of disposition,does statute of limitations apply to this case
What court/state were you in? If by Co. you mean Colorado, you should post in that jurisdiction. In Arizona, if you...
Had felony DUI in 2007, because driving with a suspended license, would I be able to get this dropped to a misdemeanor ?
One prior DUI, no one was hurt.
I can't tell what you are asking. If your question is can I get a prior DUI felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor...
Possible for DUI while on legal prescription?
I take adderall legally with a prescription from my Dr. I was talking to a drug/alcohol counselor who told me that I will get a DUI if I continue doing this. I do not drink or partake in anything other than my legal adderall, at the proper dose at the prescribed times. Am I at risk of getting a DUI? I'm a much more focused driver after I have taken my medication but she said I'm an addict and am putting others at risk.
Yes, it's absolutely possible that you can get arrested. However, that doesn't mean you'll be convicted. A much more...
Distraught about super extreme DUI?
I was charged with super extreme, my first EVER offense that my BAC came back confirming as extreme. I did hire a lawyer as a soon as I was charged. I'm waiting the results of my MVD hearing(under advisement but was told not to be hopeful as they were civil proceedings) but I'm not hopeful from what I've read on here. Do I still get sus'd 30 days and can get a restricted for 60 days for work? I keep asking my lawyer what I can anticipate with the hearing statue but my PTC is next is not until next month, but I'm beginning to feel as there is no defense and my lawyer (who is top on aavvo) - peer & clients ) isn't going to help me. Should I consult another lawyer? How do I proceeded? What can I be pleaded down to? Can I be pleaded down? I feel like I just paid this man just to plead guilty?
Candidly, there aren't always defenses available in DUI cases. You're always welcome to consult with another attorney,...
Arrested for DUI but no paperwork
I got stopped sleeping in my car at an intersection. I was taken to a mobile DUI station by the buckey police. My car was towed but not impounded. I was given a breathalyzer but couldn't complete the test. So they drew blood and then called me a cab. I have never not be given any kid of citation before.
It's a little unclear to me if you had a specific question? If you would like to discuss your case, feel free to...
Is there anyway to avoid getting an interlock on your car after a DUI that was received in 2008?
I just found out that my license is still suspended after a 2008 DUI. Is there anyway to reinstate my license?
You should definitely get that taken care of. Driving on a Suspended License is a class 1 misdemeanor. Getting a DUI...