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  • Navajo police officer killed in line of duty

    Mar 24, 2015 | via Navaho Hopi Observer 

    A Navajo police officer who was shot and killed March 19 after responding to a domestic violence call was identified as Officer Alex Yazzie. Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly ordered flags to fly at half-mast through March 23. The Navajo Nation released details of the shooting March 20. Shiprock Police received a call at 2:15 p.m. from Jordon Fowler who said his brother, Justin Fowler, was beating his wife Rayana Ramone and his mother Cecelia Begay with a pistol.


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I have two months left on my unsupervised Misdemeanor DUI probation. Can I travel to Central America?
My DUI was in Alaska, I asked permission of the court to move to Arizona, the motion was deemed a moot point as I am on unsupervised probation and have fulfilled my DUI classes, Interlock device, fines and community service. I want to travel to Central America the middle/end of July but my probation is not up until August 12th.. During the last two years I renewed my passport without a problem so was wondering if my travel plan will need to be postponed (which is a huge problem!)
Most judges will terminate unsupervised probation if all the terms and conditions have been met. My advice is to...
Plead guilty to first offense D.U.I. in Co. Nov.2000 was sent for alcohol evaluation then returned to court for sentence
judge refused guilty plea based upon evaluation report an set trial date i did not return for any further proceedings it has been 13 yrs. do i still face charges i received no notices of disposition,does statute of limitations apply to this case
What court/state were you in? If by Co. you mean Colorado, you should post in that jurisdiction. In Arizona, if you...
Had felony DUI in 2007, because driving with a suspended license, would I be able to get this dropped to a misdemeanor ?
One prior DUI, no one was hurt.
I can't tell what you are asking. If your question is can I get a prior DUI felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor...
I was arrested for an extreme DUI?
I kept asking for a lawyer as they mirandized me but they refused and they then took my blood as I asked " can I have a lawyer please?". I've contacted several local attorneys and I'm waiting to hear back, then they searched my pocket book and discovered ativan which I have a RX for and the cop said " she is legal and there is enough in here that she's not abusing so we can't charge her" .I never gave them authorization to search my posessions...... When I asked for a lawyer they said I didn't need one then wanted to know how much I'd drank, when etc ... is this a violation of my rights?
Not necessarily The Fifth Amendment right to counsel attaches after a prolonged detention or when questions are asked...
I recently received DUI charges after taking prescription medication. How can I fight this DUI charge?
My doctors have been changing my meds around for several months and during that time I received a DUI due to prescription medications. My doctors had not informed me that I should not drive, and the medications did not contain a warning about not driving either. In my opinion, this should be a medical issue and not a legal issue. What are the possible defenses I should consider to dismiss this DUI charge.
By hiring a skilled, experienced, Arizona-licensed DUI attorney to represent you. You are not going to get this "...
What can I expect when I turn myself in on an old Impaired Driving warrant? I moved out of state, violated payment arrangement
I moved out of state violating my payment arrangements. I have nowI paid the $1000 in fines and fulfilled the DUI class requirement. What can I expect when I turn myself in on the old warrant? I assume I would be taken into custody. I haven''t been in any legal trouble before or since. My blood alcohol level was right on the line. How much could this cost me?
Thank you for the questions and comments. So we are clear; you plan on returning to Arizona to address an outstanding...
If i get a dui for marijuana will i have to get the interlock device on my car?
I got pulled over and they took a blood sample. i have marijuana in my system but i was not impaired at the time. will i get a dui? and if so, will i have to get the interlock device on my car?
If the blood test shows the presence of active THC, then you will almost certainly be charged with a DUI. If you only...