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My ex just got arrested for his 2nd DUI within a 4 year period. I understand that the DMV will suspend his license. If he is granted a restricted license would this cover the period that he is picking up and dropping off our children and driving around during his custodial time?
A restricted license is good for driving to the DUI program and to work.
I completed my 18 month program two weeks ago. Apparently, the class was supposed to be cone by September, unbeknownst to me. Now, I check the mail and there is a bench warrant because I did not finish the class by the allotted time due to me using up all the allowed absences. I have a date and time to show up to court, but I wanted to know what are the possible outcomes for this. I called the clerk's office but all she said is that I needed to show up. I would much rather have a public defender or an attorney to go in for me, just in case they would want to arrest me right then and there. Thanks!
Relax. If you completed the class and the program submitted the certificate of completion, you'll be fine. The judge...
I was drunk and ran got away but then got caught later on
It is tough to answer your question without knowing if you have a history of doing this before, if this is your first...
My wife was rear ended by a person that has a pervious dui this one makes two. The accident was witnessed by a LA SD motor officer. The dui subject tried to elude the scene. My wife was transported to the hospital via ambulance. She is experiencing back and neck pain
Sorry to hear that. First and foremost, you should seek prompt medical attention for your injuries. You should also...
first dui
You probably received a letter that the fine is in collections with a civil assessment added or that your probaRion has...
they took my car
Did you have a question for us to answer?
Back when I had my iid unit installed I wasn't aware I had to show the dmv and the court house proof. I only filed the proof of installment with the court house. So the dmv is saying there's no way around this when I've showed proof of my installment for almost a year with all the proper forms. The dates of there requirements and the courts aren't adding up and the dmv now wants me to keep the iid installed for a total of a yr and 9 months. I can't seem to see how I'm being treated fairly. When I'm showing them all the proof that it's installed and has been installed in my vehicle. All because I wasn't aware I had to file seperate documentation now I'm being punished for it ?! How is this fair ?! Please give me a little advice. I called mandatory actions unit and they can't seem to help.
Yes, they do have this right. This happens every so often. You can hire an attorney to go to court to seek injunctive...