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I just got out the end of may last year done good completd everything she ask since then am d then this happened
You need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who practices in the city or county where this happened. Your...
On my birthday I had my daughters sister over and she called her mom and asked if she could have a beer and her mom said yes so she got one... am I responsible?
Yes, you could be charged criminally with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
When he was at college(20 years old) he was driving and a lady hit him they exchange info and went along. an hour later the police showed up and gave him a test and arrested him for DUI. He appeared the next day and plead guilty. Now that its off of his driving record when he fills out employment records does he have to say yes when asked if he has ever had a DUI? Can he get this removed being he was under age? This happened in Columbia MO . Thanks
It depends what the disposition was and what the question on the employment application is. If it has been 10 years,...
I received 2 DWI charges in 2002 one was sis with one year unsupervised probation the other was a bac conviction. In feb 2014 I pleaded guilty to a DWI charge and received 5 years probation comm service etc... Do I fall under " normal" conditions to have a 10 year revocation or can I get reinstated after a year due to the sis? I know I can get court to allow a dlp.
Based on the description of your probation, i.e., 5 years, it sounds like you have a conviction for a felony DWI....
I pled guilty to a DWI in Town & Country Municipal Court and received a "SIS". Does that count as a "criminal charge" if employment application asks about criminal charges?
Yes, but if the probation is over I would look at the question closely. If it asks if you have been convicted of a...
driving behind a wheel after drinking rolled my car and got first dwi
Probably. It's been 9 years. Call the Department of Revenue and ask them what you need to do to get your DL back....
I do not want to lose my job as I am maint. Tech and need be able to get to work and go on calls. My wife has been driving me, but she works to. I am in fear of losing my job if there is an emergency call and I cant make it. I am 60 yr old and also need to go to doctors appointments etc.
If you have three DWI/BAC convictions in a lifetime then you are subject to a 10 year license revocation. You may be...