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I receive a letter regarding that I need to appear in court due to a high bac
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Can they send me to jail because I coudnt afford a etg test
Not sure if they'll send you to jail, but you should really try to find some for the etg test if that's what they want...
We are assigned a US Attorney(federal land accident). The attorney is free of charge, but we are afraid the attorney will not be able to help like a private attorney. The federal criminal investigator already collected evidence, interviewed witnesses, family members and visited him in the hospital 2 times. He has not been charged, but he will be taken into custody as soon as he is medically discharged. He does not have any prior records, he only has a medical record showing multiple admits for mental instability (depression,suicidal ideation,long chronic medical history). After sentencing, if found guilty. Can we appeal the case? What are the options?
You need to speak to your lawyer about these issues. Even more importantly, you should not place any further posts on...
I was convicted of dwi first offense in January 2005. My license was revoked for one year but I never obtained an ignition interlock in order to have my license reinstated and it's been revoked ever since. It's been more than 9 years and I have not been convicted of another dwi/dui since. Am I able to just reinstate my license like normal since it's been so long? Thanks
No. The revocation period is a "floating" time period. It will only start when you 1) have an ignition interlock...
I got out of jail my attorney told me to get into treatment for my addictioASAP if I had a problem. I called numerous treatment centers who were all booked with waiting lists up to 4 months. By the grace of God Santa Fe recovery center said they would take me if I was there first thing in the morning so at 6:00 am I took off for medical clearance. My compliance officer kept calling me and told me to be there by 8;00 am which was the 12/31/14 my attorney instructed me to stay just to send the paper work so he could submit it to the judge and have the old warrant they never served squashed. On 1/2/15 the day after the holiday I was picked up by a sheriff at the request of my compliance officer. how she could over power a doctor who did an assessment and found I needed to be inpatient.
The court has more power than your doctor to put in in jail.
I payed my fines,finished counseling but in those 6 months of my probation i never heard word from the treatment center,will i still have to go to treatment and do drug tests after i completed my,6 months probation?
If your sentence required you to complete the counseling, yes. In Florida the probation period for a misdemeanor DUI...
Got stop at a cross walk cop was directing traffic and decided to stop the traffic for the pedestrians and got in front of the my car and said I almost hit him and got pulled over then arrested I blew .16
Most likely no, since the last one was 16 years prior. However, Texas could make the terms of the plea bargain really...