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Pulled over for dui, had me breath into little device got .24. A hour and twenty min later had me breath into another device
For a reading of .15. Numbers so different is that significant
Yes. There is no way you are going to eliminate .14 BAC in a little over an hour. You need to consult with an attorney...
What is the consequence if a minor is cited to having a party, without parents knowledge, and alcohol is being consumed?
I'm in Santa Clara county, California
Consequences to who? The minor or the adult?
I am on a dui misdemeanor informal court probation, in santa clara county, am i subject to search?
Most probably yes. You should look at your sentencing sheet to see what it says.
I do not have a license and got a DUI? Should I book my DMV hearing or should I try to receive my license before my DUI hearing?
I have no DL and got a DUI for 0.05 or more. The officer violated multiple procedure which makes me feel like I could win. No chemical test rules were read, I asked for clarification and there was none. I did not refuse tests. I showed room where results could be tampered with that caused "probable cause" I was vocal about these issues so they could understand but they did not care. I was hostile in taking the chemical test but proceeded to be "cooperative" when I asked information for clarification he stated I talked to much. - I wanted to know consequences for refusal - Why I was required to take the test - Concerned because I already showed proof that I broke the zero tolerance law but he did not clarify still and simply responded "they will force you if you refuse."
First, you should request the hearing regardless. You have 10 days from the date of arrest to request the hearing, if...
How much may my case cost me and should I try to get the police report and chemical results?
First time offense, no DL, 0.08 when checked in the jail unit, underage DUI. what are the costs associated that I plead guilty and accept the consequences? OR - Should I try to get chemical results to try to reduce to "wet and reckless" - How might a police report help my case and can I attain a copy? - In the case that this might be more beneficial how much would a lawyer be for my case DMV, and DUI?
Why would you plead guilty when you don't have the facts and haven't consulted an attorney yet? Do you have a court...
In Santa Clara County, I am filing Petition For Dismissal for my DUI. I need help understanding the option Interest Of Justice.
I am filing petition for dismissal of my DUI in April 2012. I saw the two options for "Interest of Justice" and "lived an honest and upright life since pronouncement..." I definitely fit the first one because I have lived an upright life and honest life with no convictions after that incident in 2012. But I am wondering which option will be better for dismissal. My main concern is the DUI reflecting in my background check. I am a sales professional and I need to drive to clients and use company cars and rentals. With the DUI showing on my record, it is effecting my career and livelihood. Would this be "Interest of Justice" and a better reason then lived and upright honest life? I want to check mark both options, but it says to choose one. It has been almost 3yrs since the incident
This is a question better answered by criminal defense attorneys. It may be well worth your while to have an attorney...
Can you talk to Mandatory Actions for me. I was in prison for 17 yrs. and couldn't finish the DUI school. I'm in school now. DUI
The DMV SAYS BECAUSE DIDN't finish the school in a timely manner they won't issue a restricted license. They don't know I was in prison in 1996 and could not complete the class. I have a SR-22 And the certificate from Alert Driving Inc.
The dmv will not issue a license until you complete the 18 month program.