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I was my girlfriends car and I was coming around the corner and I realized the car was on my lane, and we hit on a head on collision resulted that he was drunk
Your license status is irrelevant. So long as you were using the car with your girlfriend's permission and were not...
I was just around the cornerof my house before I got stop was able to pull up my drive way had to do the breathe test about 5 times on my property then got tooken in for custody is that even ok
VC23152(a) is a misdemeanor (hence the M) for driving under the influence. VC23152(b) is a misdemeanor for driving...
Hello i got pulled over just a few nights ago, and was arrested for my first dui. i barely failed the field sobriety test but when they took me back to the station and booked me, they gave me a breathalizer test i blew a .18. i was totally compliant with the arresting officers and the jail guards. now this is my first dui and my first ever criminal charge ever! But i cannot afford a lawyer please help me i need to know how to plea so i can explain my situation to the judge?
Pled NOT GUILTY and request the services of the public defender.
Can DMV still suspend my license for 30 days? I have to have a valid CDL to perform my job duties. This was my first and only offense. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Yes, the DMV can still suspend your license if you lose your DMV hearing. The DMV hearing is like a completely...
I was recently pulled over for my license plate being on my windshield. The cop said he smelled marijuana, told me to get out of the car and did sobriety test on me. I was then later questioned (in which I told him I smoked an hour ago) and tooken to the Merced county jail for the night. My main concern is if I will do time in jail? Or if they are ways I can avoid jail time because I am a full time college student and also a part time worker
A first offense DUI, even if it's for being under the influence of marijuana, is not generally going to require real...
I was recently charged with a DUI. I have a marijuana card, in which the cop said was fake. But he found 10grams of marijuana on me, and little scrapes of wax in a container. I was not charged with having the scrapes though. I am aware that the cops could still charge me for the scrapes of wax, and I am wondering if jail time would be involved? I as well hired a lawyer
If you already have a lawyer, you should pose these questions to that lawyer. Good luck.
Both are Misdemeanor
I believe that you mean that one year has past since the date of arrest. If that is the case, then no you cannot be...