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Hello i got pulled over just a few nights ago, and was arrested for my first dui. i barely failed the field sobriety test but when they took me back to the station and booked me, they gave me a breathalizer test i blew a .18. i was totally compliant with the arresting officers and the jail guards. now this is my first dui and my first ever criminal charge ever! But i cannot afford a lawyer please help me i need to know how to plea so i can explain my situation to the judge?
Pled NOT GUILTY and request the services of the public defender.
Can DMV still suspend my license for 30 days? I have to have a valid CDL to perform my job duties. This was my first and only offense. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Yes, the DMV can still suspend your license if you lose your DMV hearing. The DMV hearing is like a completely...
I was never booked in to Jail but only taken to hospital because i was involved in an accident and was released 4 hours later is this normal procedure for a dui?
it is best to hire a DUI attorney who regularly appears and practices in the court that you have a criminal charge. I...
Officer initiated stop just after midnight (a Sunday night/Monday morning) for my brights being on in my headlamps. After completing several field sobriety tests, the officer had me blow into a handheld alcohol screening device - no idea what brand or model. I blew .09, and then .07 two minutes later. I asked the officer if I was free to go - since my last breath test measurement was below the legal limit - to which he replied that I was not and that he was placing me under arrest and would be transporting me to the county jail's "drunk-tank" (he didn't use those exact words, nor did he inform read me my Miranda rights, but from what I have read here on Avvo this may be fairly common). I was not asked to submit to further testing of blood or breath. Wasn't this just a PAS device?
The PAS is admissible evidence, although the weight of the evidence can be questioned. They should have had you blow...
My vehicle broke down and the tie rod end broke so I left my vehicle on the side of a rural road. My husband picked me up and we went home he called a tow truck. I had a few glasses of wine at home we went back to meet the tow truck and the cops were there trying to find the owner of the vehicle. I was then placed under arrest for DUI. I wasn't in a great mood I was a bit rude but I did not understand how I could be arrested for DUI when I was not driving the vehicle drunk. I wasnt even inside the vehicle nor did I have the keys. Now my license is suspended and have no clue on how to proceed with this.
In order to convict you for DUI, they must prove that you were driving under the influence of alcohol or that you were...
My husband got his first dui & was advised to plead down to a wet reckless. He passed the field sobriety but blew a .09. He was also driving on a suspended for a fta/ftp(which he has paid now). If the judge accepts his plea will he have to take dui classes & file an sr22?
Unfortunately, your husband or the judge dont really have a choice. The judge can't reduce the DUI to a wet and your...
i was arrested Jan 3, 2013 for driving under the influence in front of my house, and its been 8 months and still no information about my dui, i did a verity of test that they told me to do, and a breath test, but was not told how high was my blood alcohol, and was book in for dui. is it possible that my case been dropped and what can i do to find out about my case and what steps to take, the only time i went to court was the date they put on paper when i was release for the sobering tank, and i show up but they had no info about my dui case. please i need some information.
As a follow up to my first answer you did not say if your license has been suspended or not that may be important to...