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So I received my dui and I blew a .13. This is my first time offense and since I said no to the blood test, the police report said I refused trombetta. I've been doing some research and I've read that my license can be suspended for a year. I'm really hoping that it doesn't get suspended! I also did not have insurance at the time, I'm just wondering if it will help me at all to hire an attorney? Or just go without one. Money is the only issue for me.
No one can tell you whether to hire a private attorney. Based on your post, I would suggest you at least get the public...
My CDL was revoked after I got a couple of DUI's. I paid my fines,did my community service & served home detention,but never went to the DUI classes. I've continued to drive daily without a moving violation for nineteen years,but the folks at the DMV Office insist that no matter how long ago this occurred I still must attend & complete the DUI program. My understanding is that this is now an eighteen month program which is significantly longer than in 1995 & I'd like a hearing to clarify this matter. I'm now older (60) & much wiser than twenty years ago & want to once again become a responsible licensed driver instead of looking over my shoulder constantly. I'm more than willing to do whatever is required to get my license back,but no one at the DMV Office can answer my questions - HELP !!
Given that you CDL is suspended due to multiple DUI's you are required to complete an alcohol program. DMV will not...
I was taken to hospital not jail, but I was still charged with DUI even though I was not driving police make contact with me in my parked, did not do sobriety test or breathalyzer, blood was taking at hospital what's going to happen now?
The blood sample will probably be enough for the state to at least consider filing the charge of DUI against you. You...
I got a dui back in 6/2010. On my last day of my DUI classes my counselor told me you dont need to come back ill send everything Never sent nothing i had a warrant for my arrest for failing to complete my classes got arrest judge let me complete everything i did everything was completed in my classes and paid all fines. license got suspended at the time of my dui i was caught driving without a license i got a ticket. Went to the DMV got my license back took proof to the DA he told me if my dui court found out i would go to jail for probation violation thank god it didnt i got an extra 3 yrs of probation for that ticket as of this month im free. I want to enroll in school but when they run my background my criminal part comes out bad "10 yrs los angeles county. Can i expunge this?to enroll?
No. You cannot. No expungement is even possible until 10 years down the line, and it's only been 4.
I just got out of jail and ordered to complete MADD, SCRAM and DUI classes. I did 5 months (half time) for my third DUI. What if I currently dont have all that money for all those programs? Do I put myself back in Calendar? Will the judge lock me up if I tell him I'm not well financially @ the moment ? Thank you
You should contact the attorney that represented you in court, he or she should be able to advise you about what to do....
Hi, My house is 2 blocks from a bar which I occasionally go. When I go I have a 3-4 drinks and walk back home. My question is ,can I be stopped and charged being drunk in public (I'm not stammering, not stumbling, not disturbing peace,etc). Can I be still arrested and charged? What's the BAC for walking in CA? Thanks,
There is no BAC for walking in CA. You could be arrested for drunk in public if it appeared to the arresting officer...
I have a DUI from 10 years ago I completed my community service in my probation ended in 3 years I was also informed that I have a driving with a suspended license I am on Social Security with a fixed budget please give me some advice on what are the few things that I can do the fines for the two cases have went to the state California collection agencies please can somebody help me with my problem the DUI and driving with a suspended license was in Riverside California.
Contact your local DUI program provider. They may offer some financial assistance or be able to waive the class fees.