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What are some possible jail alternatives for facing 3dui? Being charged felony dui w/injury at CCB court (foltz)
3rd dui within 10yrs. I blew .07, but was on probation for my 2nd dui. I struck a pedestrian but they only suffered minor stitches. First dui was in 2007. I heard they're now counting 7yrs instead of 10, is tht true??
You just posted a related question. Contact some attorneys to discuss your case. Yes--the reach back period for prior...
In the state of California... if someone drives under the influences and is charged with a DUI
Is that an incompetence, especially a mental incompetence, can one interpret that a DUI that goes on one's record a public rendering of someone's mental disorder and/or "insanity" since who in their right mind drives a vehicle under the influence, right? someone would have to be crazy to do so. so if someone with a DUI considered mentally incompetent in the public eye?
A DUI charge in and of itself does not immediately suggest incompetence. I am beginning to have my doubts however.
How to obtain my license back after a DUI?
I was pulled over for DUI at age 20 (2 months before 21 birthday), however i wasn't notified of any charges or filed convictions for a year by the court. My license was suspended for a year, and now the year is up from the day that i got pulled over and i was informed of the statue of limitation law. Does that mean that i would not have anything on my driving record, and is there any extra step for me to get my license back, or i could just walk into a DMV and they can just reissue me my license back?
You need to pay 125 to the dmv to reinstate your license and have an sr22 proof of insurance filed.
Will I get approved for an India tourist visa with one DUI conviction? Do I have to disclose in the criminal conviction section?
I am a US-born citizen. I got the DUI back in Sept 2013 and completed all the DUI requirements last year...it was the standard DUI misdemeanor, I didn't cause an accident or anything... it's just that I'm on probation. I'm wondering if I could get denied a Visa based on this.
These are questions to pose to a visa clerk at the Indian consulate nearest to your place of residence, and/or to an...
Was in an accident (by self no others involved). I do not remember anything about it at all except waking up in hospital.
So police were called and arrived said I gave a statement. Police report says he found me awake and took a statement. Police report said, I told them I was traveling by myself and don't remember what happened (when found I was not in or on vehicle. I was beside it). I was then taken to hospital and a DUI test on me at the police request - later after I woke up in hospital the doctor told me I failed the blood test. I had a traumatic head injury and other injuries . Kept in hosp 2 days. All I can remember is driving home and then waking up at hospital - no memory of police or EMTs or anything. How could I give a statement? no idea... I did get a lawyer but trying to educate myself with any extra help...please
Could you give a statement? - Considering you actually did give statement, I think the answer to that would be yes....
What should I do if I am stopped for suspicious of driving while intoxicated?
This is a hypothetical scenario: I am driving at night, in the street, going on my way home when I hear police sirens. I stop my car next to the sidewalk and a police car parks behind my car. A police officer gets out and approaches me. He asks for my driver license and for my name. I give him my name and my DL. He scans my DL and learns that I have a nonviolent misdemeanor conviction from years ago. He asks me if I have been smoking or drinking. I say "no". He says my eyes are abnormally red and that he smells marijuana coming from my car. At that point, I am asking myself in my head, "what in the world is going on? I neither smoke nor drink. He says I am going to take some sobriety Tests and he is going to search my car for precautionary reasons. As an abiding citizen, what should I do?
You go along with it and say "yes, sir" and "no, sir" where applicable. You wont win a battle with a cop on the...
How much does a dui case 0.09 cost
I got pulled over by the police and had a bac level of 0.09. A lot of people suggest that I get a lawyer, however I amjust wondering how much is he average lawyer fee that I will have.
We are prohibited from quoting fees online. Fees will vary and there is not a set price for representation in a DUI...