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DUI and house arrest
I had a DUI eight years ago. I recently got a DUI and I have been told by the District's Attorney that I face jail time. I have a job and wish to continue to work and also begin attending AA meetings. Would requesting house arrest be appropriate in my situation, given that I had a DUI 8 years ago?
Sure, that's an appropriate request, but one that's best made by your lawyer. Don't try to do this yourself. Retain...
When does DUI arrest show on driving record?
I was arrested last week for DUI in Los Angeles county. . I requested a hearing from dmv and thus my license is still valid. When will my arrest show on my DMV driving record? Will it not be placed on my driving record until I am convicted or has it already been documented and therefore visible to insurance companies if they pull my record?
technically arrest should be on there now but obviously no conviction. I am a 10 year veteran of the los angeles police...
Does the record support a finding of probable cause for DUI arrest? I am a CA lawyer.
The following is an officer's testimony in the suppression hearing: "At that time I noticed a – I detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle, and I also observed the driver's eyes to be red and watery." Assuming all other testimonies were stricken from the record, does the above testimony alone, without more, support the finding of probable cause for DUI arrest in California?
It might depend on the judge, but I don't think a judge would be wrong in finding probable cause based those limited...
Dmv said my license would be suspended may 24 for dui but I don't have a court date an my car accident was March 7 what do I do
Accident was March 7 I wasn't arrested no letter so far went to the dmv today which is April 14 when they notified me about the suspension that's going to take place on May 24 ..... California
What reason did they put on the letter? Was your license taken away from you at the time of the accident and you were...
Being charged with felony dui with injury. if victim is a no show in prelim, will the charge be dropped? blew .06; dui probation
was on dui probation. so, I know, no amount of liquor should have been in my system. and I understand they can charge me will probation violation. just want to know if victim doesn't show up, will original felony dui with injury charge be dropped.
Possibly, but unlikely. If the victim gave statements to a police officer, the police officer can testify on what the...
Where can I find a DL 923 form for my Employers to fill out so I can drive the company car without an IID?
DUI Waiver Form for Employers to sign for Employee to drive their vehicle while convicted of a DUI with mandatory IID
You can email me and I will email it to you.
2nd DUI Charges and Attorney Fees-
I hired an attorney for my 2nd DUI hoping to get lesser fines however everything I have been reading online regarding a second offense and the penalties is what I am being ordered to pay and complete all the programs. Online their is advice to hire an attorney for 2nd DUI however, I feel that I could have just consulted a public defender instead of paying all this money to the attorney and now another 4K in fees and programs. What can I do? I am a single parent and can't afford all these fees and I still owe my attorney 4K. i'm so stressed out.
You're only eligible for a public defender if your poor. If you have a job, you likely won't qualify. In addition,...