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Can I apply for restricted license alongwith the IID installation or do I have to wait for the restriction period to end?
If you have been convicted in court of a DUI in Los Angeles the DMV will require the IID. Once you are approved for...
i refused the breathalyzer at the scene, and blew a .08 at the station. The officer also took my blood as he felt i was under the the influence of other drugs. I had snorted a few lines a cocaine an hour before he pulled me over and smoked marijuana about 10 minutes before. The officer did not find any marijuana or cocaine in the car. I have spoken to a handful of lawyers and they have told me since my breathe test was right at the limit .08 and since this was my first offence they might be able to drop the charge down to a wet reckless. However, the blood test will show that marijuana and cocaine in my system. How will this affect my charge?
You might get to court and the blood test could be unavailable. A lawyer will not want to volunteer the drug...
My Ohio license was reinstated in Ohio after 1.5yr and when I moved to CA, I applied CA license and received it along with suspension letter. Why is CA suspending my license even though it was reinstated in Ohio?
There could be many reasons. The DMV will probably let you know. Just ask them. It very well could be that when your...
Never did any of the things I was suppose to do due to losing job, having the suspended license so had to way to get from san Bernardino to banning, now I have a 4 month old baby and afraid of having to do time. If I go and try and clear this up in court are they going to try and keep me?? Im a single mother and don't want to leave my child.
Hire an attorney immediately. Do not discuss any details or post them here on Avvo or anywhere else online. Discuss...
I pled guilty last year to a 2nd DUI in Orange County. The Court did not suspend my license or require an IID. A couple of days after my guilty plea the DMV suspended my license. 90 days later I was able to get my license back; after having shown proof of enrollment in a DUI Program, installing an IID and paying a fee. For the past year, I thought this was a restricted license. Today, when I called The DMV Mandatory Unit to see when I can have the IID removed, they said I can get the IID removed in July (exactly one year after the suspension date); but then my license will become Restricted as opposed to now with the IID I have full privileges. I did not know any of this all this time? Does this sound right? Shall I call and double check with them?
Sounds right. Talk to your attorney.
I got my first DUI in San Diego, CA. My license started to be suspended on 09/28/2013, so 03/28 would be the end of the 6 month period. Can I get my license back on 03/28, or I will need to wait till April? I will be at Los Angeles on 03/28, so can I get my license back in DMV in LA? Which application do I need to fill out and what documents do I need to bring with me?
DUI suspensions are complex because they are suspended by the DMV 30 days after arrest (unless a hearing is requested)...
Sentenced in LA County for 1st DUI with a .18 BAC. I know I need to get this device, but it's been two weeks and have not received any official letter from the DMV saying my license has been suspended. Should I just get the IID installed right away? Or await the official letter?
In order to get a restricted license you will need an IID, SR 22 insurance, and proof of enrollment in alcohol school ....