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What is the minimum amount of jail and community service required for a 2nd dui Santa Clara county, CA?
I received a 2nd dui 7 years later and would like to know the minimum amount of jail time and community service I could potentially receive. I have heard anywhere from 48 hours to 90 days is required no matter what. I am seeking a gauge to know what the range is.
Three to five years of summary probation. A minimum of 96 hours to a maximum of one year in a county jail. Between $...
What should I take for my court ?
I have a DUI is a second DUI and I was still on provation for the first one , I don't want to go to jail it I would like to know what can I take to court I'm going my AA CLASES. I WILL TAKE my sheet of the sign me. What else can help me no to go to jail ? To give a good presentation to the judge so he can't put me on jail !!
Well, the best thing you can do is hire an attorney who can help you gather helpful information for your case, build a...
Dui Arrest?
My husband got a Dui back in 2006, he completed the community service and made like 3 payments, but then he left to Costa Rica and never went back to the states. He called the court and they said that there is no outstanding Warrant and that there is a civil assessment. We now want to travel to Puerto Rico and i would like to know if he would get arrested at the airport if he starts making payments?
A "civil" assessment means that this is no longer a matter being handled in the criminal court. Your husband's unpaid...
What is the practical consequence of driving on a suspended license from a DUI conviction in Santa Clara County?
- For first DUI conviction of 23512(b) - caught during the 30 day mandatory hard suspension period. I heard that my car would be impounded but the police officer did not do that. I heard that there is mandatory jail sentences. Can work program be offered as alternative?
The charge is a 14601.2 of the Vehicle Code. Minimum 10 days jail. In San Joaquin County it is always 10 days jail or...
Can I approve debit transactions when drunk/intoxicated at 18? Club charge thousand of $ on debit when drunk,File police report?
Go to club one night & served alcohol even when they know I am under 21. Lured me into becoming drunk, and that morning I wake up & lost debit card from wallet. I report card as lost to bank, and find out my past transactions made were to this club that night I got heavily drunk. I find out that the club collects my signature + fingerprints to verify my debit card transactions. However, I believe I was in no reasonable state to say yes or no to the transactions. Friends with me there say that they didn't see video cameras present, so might have no video evidence. Should I also file a police report (I only reported to bank so far) and is there no case for me? The club has my "signature and fingerprints" on their contract, so I lose? Will I get charged for fraud if bank thinks I am lying?
I would not go to the police with this. First of all it is basically a civil issue. Second, you may be dragged into...
In Santa Clara County, I am filing Petition For Dismissal for my DUI. I need help understanding the option Interest Of Justice.
I am filing petition for dismissal of my DUI in April 2012. I saw the two options for "Interest of Justice" and "lived an honest and upright life since pronouncement..." I definitely fit the first one because I have lived an upright life and honest life with no convictions after that incident in 2012. But I am wondering which option will be better for dismissal. My main concern is the DUI reflecting in my background check. I am a sales professional and I need to drive to clients and use company cars and rentals. With the DUI showing on my record, it is effecting my career and livelihood. Would this be "Interest of Justice" and a better reason then lived and upright honest life? I want to check mark both options, but it says to choose one. It has been almost 3yrs since the incident
This is a question better answered by criminal defense attorneys. It may be well worth your while to have an attorney...
Can you talk to Mandatory Actions for me. I was in prison for 17 yrs. and couldn't finish the DUI school. I'm in school now. DUI
The DMV SAYS BECAUSE DIDN't finish the school in a timely manner they won't issue a restricted license. They don't know I was in prison in 1996 and could not complete the class. I have a SR-22 And the certificate from Alert Driving Inc.
The dmv will not issue a license until you complete the 18 month program.