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I received a 2nd dui 7 years later and would like to know the minimum amount of jail time and community service I could potentially receive. I have heard anywhere from 48 hours to 90 days is required no matter what. I am seeking a gauge to know what the range is.
Three to five years of summary probation. A minimum of 96 hours to a maximum of one year in a county jail. Between $...
I have a DUI is a second DUI and I was still on provation for the first one , I don't want to go to jail it I would like to know what can I take to court I'm going my AA CLASES. I WILL TAKE my sheet of the sign me. What else can help me no to go to jail ? To give a good presentation to the judge so he can't put me on jail !!
Well, the best thing you can do is hire an attorney who can help you gather helpful information for your case, build a...
Officer arrived at scene due to call-in from witness about my non-injury collision; no other vehicles were involved. Officer reported odor of alcohol on my breath, and subsequently gave me field coordination tests. The police report shows that I took the horizontal gaze, one leg stand, and line-walk tests.. but he only observations noted were that I passed. Things like "..able to complete without putting his food down or using arms for balance." Breathalyzer test was then administered, but and I blew a 0.100%. If FCTs can act as evidence towards your guilt, can they not also be used as evidence of innocence? All I see online regarding FCTs is lawyers seeking to place doubt in FCTs or to refuse FCTs, but nothing about using FCTs as evidence of innocence.
The simple answer to your question is YES evidence of good coordination can be used in your defense. There is a...
The court ordered a 12 hour first offender class and told me to make sure it would satisfy the DMVs terms. I just got off the phone with the DMV and they said that my pd sent them information that I only blew a .07 and no classes are needed on their end. I have a copy of the police report and it states that I blew a .093 then a .086 a few minutes later. Now, my question is...can I appeal to have the charge reversed even though I already pled? There are several different numbers here. I asked for a blood sample instead of breath at the station, but the results are not listed on the police report that I obtained. Thanks in advance for your help!
Speak with your lawyer. You just pled guilty and now you want to undo it? Probably won't work. The DMV and court are...
I am 18, in California. Last night, I got pulled over because an officer saw people drinking in the backseat (is this a valid reason to pull me over?). I was asked to step out of the car and preform a few tests, which I thought I passed, and then told to blow in to a breathalyzer. I blew a .07, a .01, and a .07 (this includes the 2 tests administered on the street, and the test at the police station). I was handcuffed and put into the back of the car, where I was left ALONE for about 5-10 minutes before being driven back to the station. Does this violate the 15 minute mandatory observation period? I am interested in finding out what you believe will come of this case? Will I be convicted? I understand all cases are different, but Im curious how things have turned out in similar cases
Sorry to hear about your situation. It's not possible to know if you will be convicted or know the outcome of your case...
I didn't went to my weekend Program ! What can I do now ? Can I open court Again Can they put my on jail?
You probably have a warrant. Contact your attorney.
I was arrested in September 2014 for a DUI with Injury, but was not convicted until early December. Once the 30 day hard suspension for the DUI was over, I applied for a restricted license because I need a license to drive to different sites for work. However, once I was sentenced, I got a letter suspending my restricted license. Is there any way to petition the DMV to reverse the license suspension? Or issue another restricted license? Is the only possible option to petition a writ of mandate?
These are great questions to pose to the attorney who represented you in court.