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What is the minimum amount of jail and community service required for a 2nd dui Santa Clara county, CA?
I received a 2nd dui 7 years later and would like to know the minimum amount of jail time and community service I could potentially receive. I have heard anywhere from 48 hours to 90 days is required no matter what. I am seeking a gauge to know what the range is.
Three to five years of summary probation. A minimum of 96 hours to a maximum of one year in a county jail. Between $...
What should I take for my court ?
I have a DUI is a second DUI and I was still on provation for the first one , I don't want to go to jail it I would like to know what can I take to court I'm going my AA CLASES. I WILL TAKE my sheet of the sign me. What else can help me no to go to jail ? To give a good presentation to the judge so he can't put me on jail !!
Well, the best thing you can do is hire an attorney who can help you gather helpful information for your case, build a...
Am I required to show my license at California DUI checkpoint
I was not drunk or impaired. I rolled my window down, and asked the cop if I was required to give him my license and if the 4th amendment protects me from unreasonable search and seizure. He said no so I handed him my license he looked at it, gave it back then I left
You are always supposed to give an officer your driver's license. It's a license and your driving privileges require it....
Can I get my misdemeanor DUI probation dropped early?
I was convicted of 2nd DUI in 2011. Ive served 3 years 4 months out of 5 year probation. I'd like to drop probation early and clear record only for employment reasons and travel internationally for work. Neither Dui's involved accident or injuries. I had completed probation for first DUI when arrested for second. I paid all fines and finished classes/community service and not been in any other incidents since second dui. what are my chances of getting probation dropped early and record cleared? Thank you-
So long as you pay ALL your fines and fees and do all aspects of your punishment, you may request for early termination...
Dui Arrest?
My husband got a Dui back in 2006, he completed the community service and made like 3 payments, but then he left to Costa Rica and never went back to the states. He called the court and they said that there is no outstanding Warrant and that there is a civil assessment. We now want to travel to Puerto Rico and i would like to know if he would get arrested at the airport if he starts making payments?
A "civil" assessment means that this is no longer a matter being handled in the criminal court. Your husband's unpaid...
If i admitted to having a few drinks earlier that day but keys were not in igntion can i still be arrested for a DUI?
I was outside of my car after I had missed an exit and hit a sand barrel, so i drove to the nearest gas station. I got out took the keys out and called the owner of the vehicle, then a cop came up to me and started harassing me, can he really arrest me if he had no physical proof of me driving? Other than me telling him i was.?
You admitting to driving, standing near your car with the keys is pretty damning evidence. You're going to need an...
Should I hire a lawyer to go back in front of a judge for me?
Hi. I git a dui in December and I got sentenced to 10days weekend work program. I've done 5days and I have 5days to go. I missed a day. I was 8min late and was told I needed to go back to court to talk to a judge. I contacted my lawyer and she wants me to pay her $360 to have her fix it. I already spent $3,600 on her services and this is still the same case and I don't think I should be paying her again. She did say if something came up, I should let her know so she can fix it. So, do I have to hire someone more affordable or I can represent myself? Please let me know the best way. Thank you
dear sir what you have is a post-conviction matter violation of probation we would charge you a lot more than she would....