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  • Wednesday, April 1, 2015

    Tuesday Mar 31 | via Worcester Telegram & Gazette 

    Supporters of the state's film tax credit packed a Statehouse hearing Tuesday to argue against Gov. Charlie Baker's proposal to do away with the decade-old tax break for movie and TV production in Massachusetts. BOSTON - All the good work the Bruins had accomplished over the past three games, taking five of six points to improve their playoff prospects, was in danger of being undone in a span of 20 minutes.


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Where to get re-referral for DUI program?
The school apparently don't accept direct court statements, instead they need an actual referral form from the court? I am confused because the judge told me to re-enroll and finish by February and I only have two class sessions left... I went though LA superior court.
A statement won't be acceptable. You need to take the court paper known as the minute order which you received from the...
What do you think the probable outcome of my first-time DUI case will be?
I was arrested on suspicion of first time DUI on the 4th of July in Orange County, CA after hitting a parked car on a residential street. Nobody was injured and my insurance covered the damage to both vehicles. I was not speeding. I refused a chemical test so the police obtained a warrant at the jail. The blood results came back at .17 BAC. I was also age 20 at the time of my arrest? My court date is coming up in a couple weeks and I need to avoid jail time. I am a full time college student and I have been going to AA since the arrest and have documentation to prove it. I also cannot afford an attorney so i will have to stick with a public defender. What do you think the outcome will be?
It is difficult to ascertain what the likely outcome will be without having a chance to review your police report, etc.,...
Under what circumstances will a court grant a motion to augment in an APS hearing decision?
My license was suspended by the DMV. I would like to file a writ of mandate. Is it possible for me to file a motion to augment?
To augment what? You cannot introduce evidence that was not presented at the DMV hearing if that is what you mean.
After a DUI, Is an appeal for your driver's license filed with the DMV or the court system & does an atty need to file it.
After a DUI, Is an appeal for your driver's license filed with the DMV or the court system & does an atty need to file it.
In most states, you can file an administrative review, which usually is not helpful.. That goes to the DMV. You may...
Dui for Marijuana help
This is confusing bit I really hope one of you can answer this. I'm 16 years old. About three weeks ago I got pulled over in California for Driving under the influence of Marijuana. Igot my license taken away and since then I got it back in the mail. The court said they are still investigating the Dui and that I will know Within 30 days. I'm still waiting on that.Last nnight I got pulled over for driving with 4 friends in the car. The cop gave me a ticket for disobeying a probation license. My question is, Can the courts review the ticket I just got last night and use it to make their decision to prosecute me of my Dui. Sorry I tried to word that the best way possible. And if you can also answer what do you think will happen with each incident? The dui and the ticket? Thanks alot -sam
First of all, the court is not the entity responsible for prosecuting and hence initiating criminal proceedings. The...
Does my dad need an attorney for a DUI
My dad got a dui this past friday it was his third one and 2nd in the past ten years but ive done research and some people have gone to jail for it and especially in this area because of the group MADD supposedly they try and get people with dui's convicted the most they can and hes also trying to get his citizenship. What should i tell him that would possibly change his mind to at least even go and see an attorney for a free consultation.
Please tell your father to retain an attorney. The outcome of this case is very important to his immigration/...
What happens if a juvenile turns 18 prior to having their hearing/trial for a DUI?
blood test came back at .01 but they switched the charge to drugs after results
Nothing happens. You'll still be prosecuted in Juvenile Court because you were a minor when you got arrested. Good...