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Where to get re-referral for DUI program?
The school apparently don't accept direct court statements, instead they need an actual referral form from the court? I am confused because the judge told me to re-enroll and finish by February and I only have two class sessions left... I went though LA superior court.
A statement won't be acceptable. You need to take the court paper known as the minute order which you received from the...
What do you think the probable outcome of my first-time DUI case will be?
I was arrested on suspicion of first time DUI on the 4th of July in Orange County, CA after hitting a parked car on a residential street. Nobody was injured and my insurance covered the damage to both vehicles. I was not speeding. I refused a chemical test so the police obtained a warrant at the jail. The blood results came back at .17 BAC. I was also age 20 at the time of my arrest? My court date is coming up in a couple weeks and I need to avoid jail time. I am a full time college student and I have been going to AA since the arrest and have documentation to prove it. I also cannot afford an attorney so i will have to stick with a public defender. What do you think the outcome will be?
It is difficult to ascertain what the likely outcome will be without having a chance to review your police report, etc.,...
Under what circumstances will a court grant a motion to augment in an APS hearing decision?
My license was suspended by the DMV. I would like to file a writ of mandate. Is it possible for me to file a motion to augment?
To augment what? You cannot introduce evidence that was not presented at the DMV hearing if that is what you mean.
After a DUI, Is an appeal for your driver's license filed with the DMV or the court system & does an atty need to file it.
After a DUI, Is an appeal for your driver's license filed with the DMV or the court system & does an atty need to file it.
In most states, you can file an administrative review, which usually is not helpful.. That goes to the DMV. You may...
Will I get charged with a DUI?
Long story short, I got pulled over because my car and I got the description of a person attempting assault. The police officer(s) said if everything was ok I would be let go. Everything was ok but they ended up digging and charged me with a DUI a and b. I went down to the station for a blood test because I refuse the breathlyzer. I just got the results back today, it was a .07. What should I do next? I have had a wet and reckless prior a few years ago, not more than ten unfortunately. I've also read that I should wait and see if the DA will make a case before I contact an attorney, is this true? If so how can I find out? Any information is greatly appreciated.
Taking the wait and see approach is dangerous. An experienced attorney, who practices here and knows all the...
I have a wet reckless on my driving record..would I be able to apply for a driving job in another state with this conviction
can the employer see my wet reckless of I expunged my record
California does not have a true expungement process. You can, however, petition for a dismissal under PC 1203.4. That...
Do I need an attorney for my dui case if I blew a .08?
Blew a .08 on the breathalyzer. Told that since I just recently had a baby, hormonal changes could've had an effect on the test results.
To get the best possible result, you should consult with and retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who...