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  • In peace, ex-Kamikaze pilot Tadao Hara bridged cultu...

    Saturday Sep 13 | via Press-Telegram 

    Instead, the end of World War II saved his life, and he would go on to become an educator and minister who bridged the cultural divide between his native country and its one-time enemy, the United States. Hara died Aug. 31 at his Los Alamitos home from the effects of various cancers, said his daughter Izumi Hara of Montclair, N.J. He was 87. Once, during training at an airfield on Formosa , Hara was walking with a friend who was hit by anti-aircraft fire, killing him where he stood.


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  • Los Alamitos Police Plan DUI Checkpoint for Friday

    Aug 20, 2014 | via Patch.com 

    The Los Alamitos Police Department will be conducting a DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 22, in the area of Katella Avenue and Civic Center Drive.


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The school apparently don't accept direct court statements, instead they need an actual referral form from the court? I am confused because the judge told me to re-enroll and finish by February and I only have two class sessions left... I went though LA superior court.
A statement won't be acceptable. You need to take the court paper known as the minute order which you received from the...
I was arrested on suspicion of first time DUI on the 4th of July in Orange County, CA after hitting a parked car on a residential street. Nobody was injured and my insurance covered the damage to both vehicles. I was not speeding. I refused a chemical test so the police obtained a warrant at the jail. The blood results came back at .17 BAC. I was also age 20 at the time of my arrest? My court date is coming up in a couple weeks and I need to avoid jail time. I am a full time college student and I have been going to AA since the arrest and have documentation to prove it. I also cannot afford an attorney so i will have to stick with a public defender. What do you think the outcome will be?
It is difficult to ascertain what the likely outcome will be without having a chance to review your police report, etc.,...
Blood stored for 2 wks. Do juries but a fermentation blood attack?
I don't see that this is a legal question. I don't understand the last sentence at all.
My license was suspended by the DMV. I would like to file a writ of mandate. Is it possible for me to file a motion to augment?
To augment what? You cannot introduce evidence that was not presented at the DMV hearing if that is what you mean.
After a DUI, Is an appeal for your driver's license filed with the DMV or the court system & does an atty need to file it.
In most states, you can file an administrative review, which usually is not helpful.. That goes to the DMV. You may...
None of my paperwork I signed states travel restrictions, and I do not have a probation officer nor do I need to check in with the courts.
there are generally no travel restrictions on any informal probation including dui just make sure your license is...
I have not got charged from the court yet and it has been 8 months since the incident, but got charged from the DMV, and they informed me that i may be eligible to get my restricted license if I abide these 4 things: SR-22, IID (Device), 18 months dui program, and not making same conviction. However, I talked to DMV mandatory action person and informed me that I cannot get any kinds of license issued until my 1 full year suspension ends. I already enrolled in 18months dui program and i asked them that if its required for me to take it to get my license re-instated, but they informed me that only thing that the DMV charge is license suspension and only requires SR-22 when applying for license in the future.. is this true? i am very puzzled by all these different information i am getting.
If you were treated as being on probation when you got this DUI, you are subject to zero tolerance policies and CANNOT...