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  • Doctor sues former fiancee who ditched him for $60,0...

    Thursday Dec 11 | via Daily Mail 

    Mother charged with murder after eight-year-old daughter is found dead in the trunk of her car by police investigating minor collision Florida couple wins $1million lawsuit against Bank of America for harassment after receiving more than SEVEN HUNDRED robocalls over four years CIA director: Bush ordered us to use 'harsh' techniques even though we had no interrogation training - and yes, program was 'abhorrent', but I won't call it torture Kevin Hart calls out 'ignorant' Sony executives after emails referred to him as a 'whore' for demanding money in exchange for film promotion Woman who 'was raped and stabbed repeatedly with screwdriver by man she met on Facebook revealed his identity before dying after crawling naked for TWO HOURS to get help' Former Miss Texas puts 'world's biggest closet' up for sale just months after it was robbed - but reveals she is planning to build one TWICE the ... (more)


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  • Scott Huss on trial for Russian wife's murder

    Nov 29, 2010 | via NBC2 News 

    In the fifth day of the trial of Scott Huss, jurors watched the remainder of testimony from the victim's son, then the defendant took the stand. On the fourth day of testimony, defendant Scott Huss' 30-year-old son Jeremy took the stand.


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My fiance was arrested 8 hours ago here in Seminole County Fl, but his warrant is from Saint Lucie County Fl for DUI (1st time) VOP(which was back in 2010). He was put on probation (i think it was for 6 months.....) but the week he got out of jail (after spending around 3 months in jail) we left to go work for a Carnival...witch means we left Saint Lucie County before he even 'signed up' for probation, or however that process works... So i have two questions, i was told Saint Lucie County has 72 hours to come get him if they want him, do you think they will want to come get him? And, if so, how much jail time could he get? Thank you so much, and i hope someone can answer...i am completely heartbroken at this moment. =/
Odds are they will come for him but it will be longer than 72 hours. I have seen cases where people wait weeks to be...
but in google.when i email info@arrest.org they tell me it will cost me to have it removed? its holding me from employment is this right? i undestand its public knowledge through a sheriffs web site
If you were convicted of DUI you are ineligible to have your record sealed. The sheriff's website will not be affected...
it off this doesnt sound right?
Hmm. If a person was convicted of a criminal offense, the conviction is a public record. I know of nothing that would...
I'm on probation and in my terms it doesn't say I can't drink but it says not to be intoxicated. I had no charges and was let go, and there was no field sobriety test ect, but the cop wrote that I seemed intoxicated, it was just his opinion. If my probation officer was to say that it broke the terms of probation is it more likely I'd get more probation or jail time?
Anyone who violates a condtion of probation faces the likelihood of additional jail time. IF you are the subject of a...
The problem is I have never been pulled over for dui or reckless driving. I have an opportunity for a position at a Harley dealership but they will not hire me with anything on my record like that. What can I do ?
Either the officer is mistaken or your memory is poor or there's a mistake on your driving history. Get to DMV or...
My case is still pending in court and I have not been convicted. likely, I will have the course done before my case is resolved. I would argue that getting this done is part of maintaining my livelihood as it impacts my ability to drive to work. Thank you.
Yes you can. BPO includes driving for educational purposes.
I have a Florida 5 year revocation for driver license. When I obtain a Florida hardship license, are there other states that would allow me to transfer my hardship license to that state? My husband has terminal cancer and I do not want to remain in Florida after his death. I want to relocate to a state where my relatives live, or at least a nearby state.
That depends on the state where you want to move. Re-post your question in that state's forum.