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How do I find out the outcome of a DWI arrest?
My neighbors son was arrested for DWI two months ago after driving home and side swiping 3 cars on our block. Last weekend I over heard my neighbor telling someone her son's case had been settled with a 'deal'. How do I find out what the deal was. The kids uncle is a Lieutenant in a local police department.
You can try going to the court clerk in the district court in Hempstead to see what the disposition was, although I am...
If a police lieutenant releases a person who has been charged with DWI before that person is sober, is it criminal in NY state
a woman was arrested at 6p with a BAC of .22 and was released from police custody at 2a. she refused an official breathalyzer and the BAC charts show she would still be a .10 at 2a (8 hours after a .22 BAC the Lt. was a friend of the woman's. Is this criminal and what would be the charge.
If it was a state trooper who arrested her she could be released on a Desk Appearnce ticket. Obviously ot would be...
I obtained a Florida driver's license in April 2014 why didn't New York ever cancel my old license?
I obtained a FL driver's license in April 2014 however NY never cancelled my old license. This is causing me to run into a number of problems. Since I was convicted of a DWAI in May 2014 in NY I am now revoked in two states (NY & FL) - which is disallowing me from obtaining a hardship license in my home state of FL. So according to NY I still have a NY license - to my knowledge you are not allowed to have a drivers license in two states so my NY license should have been cancelled when I obtained a FL license in April 2014. How do I get NY to cancel my NY license and remove the revocation on their end?
Did you surrender your NY license when you got your Florida license?
Is it possible to get a DUI fee reduced from the (NY) Nassau County Probation Department - Restitution & Fee Collection Unit?
I currently owe the New York, Nassau County Probation Department $3,060 for a 2007 DUI charge. This includes a $600 PSI fee, $2,430 DWI fee, and $30 Victim Impact fee. I was wondering if the county would reduce the fee to half because I can't afford to pay the bill in full? How would I go about this? There is a phone # & email to contact the Restitution & Fee Unit with inquiries. I could imagine there are people in the same situation who never pay this fee. Wouldn't the county rather negotiatie it down and get some of their money, rather than none?
It can be done but it is not easy. They expect payment and if you cannot afford it BUT can afford gas, a car, a cell...
I got a second dwi in nassau county. The first in New jersey. Can they keep my car and can i get a conditional license
First dwi in Jesey Second in nassau county. Is that a felony? can they keep my car? can i get a conditional license
A NJ DWI can provide the requisite prior for a NY felony DWI if the NJ case was within 10 years. The prosecution would...
First DUI in FL and 2nd in NY. What will most likely happen? WIll NY find out about my Florida DUI?
I received a DUI in Florida in 2007 a the age of 17. I just received my second DUI but not yet convicted in NY and I am now 20. I am wondering what will most likely happen, and if New York will charge me as a 2nd offender or will it be my first offense?
Hello there, It is possible when the State runs his criminal history that they will find his dwi through the...
How many times a month is a person tested from the probation officers for a felony dui?
if i work 6 days at a job where i cant leave often to see my probations officer, what happens then? and how many times does a person get tested usually on a felony dui probation (monthly) and what if i dont have time to go the probations officer do to my job hours? i work 6 days a week.
I don't think there is a specified number.