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Now, i no longer live in Az,and i dont have a car,but will get 1 soon. Will I still need to get a blower for my car,or is there a statute to where i wont need to worry about one in Tx?
You will need more information for anyone to help you. Since you are not on probation and the AZ order has become final,...
my attorneys stated he did not have a copy of the results and the blood test was done 6months ago...but he rembers looking at something and knows it wasnt good! .This response has me disturbed as they want me to plea. It took them 6 months to verbally disclose the results but nothing in the file to show me. Am i entitled to see proof of the test results? it took so long that i think they may have lost the bloodwork. can I do anything?
Yes you would be entitled but you have an attorney and you should be discussing these matters with him/her. S/he is the...
my probation officer asked were my licence suspended or revoked. told her suspended she folowed me out of the office and seen me get into my car. told me to come back in and had me sign a paper for violation of probation. and told me to call someone to pick me up or she would have the police get me.
You have not asked a question. If she saw you driving and know you are suspended, she could file a violation. You did...
Just wondering.
As long as an inmate maintains good conduct, I have never seen a jail not offer good time in Texas.
My mother served 10 days in jail for a 3rd DWI offense in Texas. She was put on probation for 5 years. She decided to break her probation and moved to Mexico to retire. She did this out of deperation. She is 68 and would not be aloud to drive which would not afford her to work. Can she get arrested if she flies back to Texas or any other state to visit? Can Texas flag her passport?
Yes, as she enters the US, her identity will be checked against a computer database and the border agents will examine...
A friend had a felony DWI 3rd knocked down to a misdemeanor and got 2 years probation. he's serving 30 days as a condition. Will he have a drivers license when he's released?
If his license wasn't ordered suspended when he went to court, he may still have a valid license. However, he was most...
My husband got a 3rd DWI the first week of July.. his court date is July 29th, hes thinking that it will just get postponed,but I told him anything can happen. He has no lawyer so far. Who is correct? or close to it? I know he will get jail time I'm sure. Is probation possible too? Thank you.
My best advice is to hire a local attorney ASAP who can start working on a defense for your husband. it is a very...