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Previous court day show a 2nd Offense Dui but the day the reports in to serve they're time it shows the sentence was changed to a 3rd Offense Dui.
If you were convicted and sentenced for a 2nd offense, that should be your time. Who changed the offense? You need to...
The procecuter was tell the judge this. Even thou the person on trial knew this was their 3rd offense.
It appears as though there are some facts missing here. Although it is entirely possible to have multiple DUI arrests...
I got my 2 nd dui in 2009 now im a mom and i need to get my licence back but im wondering in i wait then will i still have to attend dui school? I have been tld if its been 5 years i should only have to take the test.
i have a misdemeanor from over 2 years ago on my record then got arrested again after wards. first time was for 4th degree domestic assault.. 2 years probation. then arrested again for underage dui had to take a dui class for it and the 3rd was for a missed court date i was just curious as to how to get this off my record. for me and my husband are going to try to adopt a child and im in school for nursing and cant have this on my record.
The expungement statute is KRS 431.078. It requires that at least five years go by without any new convictions before...
I was pulled over for my license plate not being illuminated. The officer had me do field soberity test that of course he said I failed. He arrested me and when I got to the police station, I had blood drew that came back at .12%. This is in the state of KY.
Anything is possible. You should contact a local DUI attorney before deciding that pleading guilty is the best course...
I got hurt at work and am just now getting my workers comp checks. I missed some payments to my monitoring program. I live in Kentucky. I am not on probation which is a good thing. I now have the money to make up for my missed payments but they put out a warrant out for my arrest since i missed a court date about my late payments. I need to know what kind of warrant they would have put out either civil contempt or criminal? I need to know if now since i have the money i can send it in if my warrant will be lifted since i can pay my late payments. Please help me i cannot go to jail because my family needs me.
While I don't practice in your state, here is my take on your question. The quickest way to take care of this matter...
I have lost my job And know I cannot work because of my disability. How much volunteer work can I do to pay off my fines and court fee. Also is a court cost the same as service fees?
I can't speak directly to the laws of KY, but in NY there is no option to "work off" your fines. You owe the fines and...