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Can someone please help me with this question. How long will dui stays on record in the state of Nebraska?
Secondly what if I get an other in different state Will add on some more time.
What type of record? Criminal record? If your convicted of a crime, its there until you file a motion to get it off (if...
Can I get my license back? Or a special permit to drive to school?
I was charged with consumption of marijuana in a school zone and I have my license suspended til I'm 17 (1 year suspension) I'm still only 15 and I was wondering if I can do anything to get that overturned. I've done all my community service hours. And would pass a drug test if they asked
The DMV will most likely not lift the suspension unless a judge allows this. I would go back to court and ask the...
I was just charged with felony dui. For prescription meds. Should I fight this?
I stopped and turned off car- he didnt light me up. I was honest and respectful the entire time. They didnt read my rights to me ever, were complete unprofeshional pigs.
You should fight this, but its not very kind referring to the police as pigs. Tone it down a bit.
What will happen I was given a MIP alcohol? Was not breathalyzed and gave the cop my full beer first time being charged.
First charge. Not breathalyzed. the cop said he would put that I cooperated. Going to court this week. assuming a plea is my best outcome to go with what will that be like? What would happen if I went guilty?
Probably not a good idea to go to court alone. You should hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is handled...
If I am on probation and have a no alcohol clause and I get a 1st time dui what can I expect to happen?
I got pulled over for speeding and ended up having to do the field sobriety tests and hand held breathalizer. I wasn't speeding.
If you violate probation, the judge can do three things: nothing, revoke probation, or extend probation. Generally ,...
My 20 yr old son got a dui and mip month ago just got a second mip how much trouble will he be in?
No prior criminal charges.
If he is not out on bond or on probation the second MIP charge means that he will be treated as being more of a threat...
Children father has 1 dui charge and 1 pending arangment he wants to keep 50/50 custody but dont put the effor in to the kids.
Every week he gets them they are taken straight to his moms house she calls me crying telling me she wants to be the grandma.Now i find out the week he had the kids he was arrested on a dui and lost his driver liesence , he going to arranged soon and he hasnt said a word dosent even know that i know this is his third one on 2 years. what can i do to limit the time with our kids so maybe he can get his act together?
There are not enough facts here ..Is this a paternity case? Were you ever married? Has he been legally adjudged as...