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I got pulled over for speeding and ended up having to do the field sobriety tests and hand held breathalizer. I wasn't speeding.
If you violate probation, the judge can do three things: nothing, revoke probation, or extend probation. Generally ,...
During a house complaint, initially consent was refused, and an attorney requested, and amend. 5 rights retained. Upon offering of a deal of Class B Misd. rather than Class A, consent to search of person was granted, with no evidence of a crime being found. The deal offered by officers did not involve consenting to urinalysis. Officers then requested urinalysis, which was refused, until they said they would only get a warrant for blood tests. Defendant then gave consent to urinalysis. Defendant was scared, under the influence of alcohol (known to officers), and frightened of needles. One involved officer (who said he would obtain the warrant for blood) was visibly upset and swearing. Could the defendant's frightened, impaired, and upset state with threat of blood test be considered duress?
It could be yes. I have a case right now with a high degree of similarity. It is important to know what the exact plea...
No prior criminal charges.
If he is not out on bond or on probation the second MIP charge means that he will be treated as being more of a threat...
i got a dui back in the late 80,s 12 ,driving without a license tickets,and a bag of mexican weed,,mostly seeds and stems this is my first offence on drugs ,i need my license released so i can find a job,i have busted my butt ,all my life,and you want to call this justis,i very much disagree,i have never broke any laws,just driving to and from work,to support my family,and make uncle sam happy,sorry goverment people,,,,,my family will always come first
You contradict your story: you say never broke any laws and in the first statement you state "got a dui back in the...
Every week he gets them they are taken straight to his moms house she calls me crying telling me she wants to be the grandma.Now i find out the week he had the kids he was arrested on a dui and lost his driver liesence , he going to arranged soon and he hasnt said a word dosent even know that i know this is his third one on 2 years. what can i do to limit the time with our kids so maybe he can get his act together?
There are not enough facts here ..Is this a paternity case? Were you ever married? Has he been legally adjudged as...
The DWI was for being high on marijuana not alcohol.
Because he's not allowed to drive a car high on marijuana. It's dangerous.
I had a DUI on 3/13/10, I completed probation, paid all my fines and did everything I was asked to do. I also had to have the interlock for 18 months. I had it the entire time, except for when I lived in ND, they don't require it. Anyway, my car committed suicide so I was test driving vehicles, since I'm in need of a new car. I got the ticket while test driving a car.....what will happen? I'm freaking out!
To answer your question about your driver's license, the short answer is, "yes." You are facing a 1 year license...