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  • Teens shoot ducks in Logan

    Friday Nov 14 | via Examiner.com 

    Urban birds seem to fly in a gray area between wild, protected species and feral nuisances that can be culled by the appropriate authorities, but despite their sometimes mixed parentage and affinity for urban habitats, they are still protected. Teens in Logan have learned that fact after they were confronted by a concerned resident at Willow Park.


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  • Utah man who shackled his son to a bed to avoid jail...

    Wednesday Nov 12 | via Daily Mail 

    Fully-insured woman facing bankruptcy because she was taken to hospital that didn't take her policy while in cardiac arrest and charged $50,000 EXCLUSIVE: L'Wren Scott's family outraged over 'heartless Mick Jagger's intent to drag them through the mud so he can win $13million insurance battle Kremlin agents 'intimidated' New York couple trying to void adoption of Russian children by contacting them on unlisted phone number - leaving them 'in a state of fright' Runaway missing for A MONTH calls his family to come and save him 1,000 miles from home in Florida ... but the girl, 14, who he disappeared with is STILL missing Family of Michael Brown calls for non-violence when grand jury makes its decision as Missouri police ready for a fight in Ferguson Mom chases down man suspected of molesting TWO 10-year-old boys in Dave & Busters restroom... and he SMILES smugly in mugshot Howie! The Big ... (more)


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First charge. Not breathalyzed. the cop said he would put that I cooperated. Going to court this week. assuming a plea is my best outcome to go with what will that be like? What would happen if I went guilty?
Probably not a good idea to go to court alone. You should hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is handled...
I got pulled over for speeding and ended up having to do the field sobriety tests and hand held breathalizer. I wasn't speeding.
If you violate probation, the judge can do three things: nothing, revoke probation, or extend probation. Generally ,...
No prior criminal charges.
If he is not out on bond or on probation the second MIP charge means that he will be treated as being more of a threat...
Every week he gets them they are taken straight to his moms house she calls me crying telling me she wants to be the grandma.Now i find out the week he had the kids he was arrested on a dui and lost his driver liesence , he going to arranged soon and he hasnt said a word dosent even know that i know this is his third one on 2 years. what can i do to limit the time with our kids so maybe he can get his act together?
There are not enough facts here ..Is this a paternity case? Were you ever married? Has he been legally adjudged as...
The DWI was for being high on marijuana not alcohol.
Because he's not allowed to drive a car high on marijuana. It's dangerous.
I had a DUI on 3/13/10, I completed probation, paid all my fines and did everything I was asked to do. I also had to have the interlock for 18 months. I had it the entire time, except for when I lived in ND, they don't require it. Anyway, my car committed suicide so I was test driving vehicles, since I'm in need of a new car. I got the ticket while test driving a car.....what will happen? I'm freaking out!
To answer your question about your driver's license, the short answer is, "yes." You are facing a 1 year license...
I hardly blew anything, I was handed a mixed drink and was drinking some (couldn't taste alcohol) I was told it had alcohol in it and stopped drinking it. I was supposed to be the driver anyways so I was not even planning on drinking.
You should go about it by hiring an attorney to represent you. There is no quick fix how to fight your case in court...