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Diabetic experiencing hyperglycemia falsely arrested for OVI, officer refused her water or insulin, for 1 hour. Please help!
He refused to believe she was diabetic even though she had card in wallet and proof on keychain. What should she do for defense?
Someone experiencing hyperglycemia will exhibit symptoms very similar to that of an intoxicated person. She needs to...
So I got an OVI the other day and I didn't blow....now I don't know what to do.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...
I got stopped on Friday for dui, I blew a .099, I have court in the morning and can't find a lawyer
I'm a good person, mom of 4 daughters who keep me in the car, 3 kids in 3 different schools 3 different times, soccer,dance,theater,ect,I have no record and they took me to station had me sign papers n had my fience pick me up no pic or finger print so I dnt know what to expect really just that they said I could get it lower to reckless op and get driving privileges...i have money for a lawyer can someone help me please
You should look for an attorney who practices in the geographic area where you were arrested. Avvo has a number of...
Who is the best DUI lawyer in the area?
I am from Mississippi but I'm up here for work temporarily (2-3 years). I was recently charged with ovi by montville pd. I'm going against judge chase, which from what I hear isn't the judge you wanna go against. I've hired a lawyer but he hasn't been real impressive towards me. Who's a good lawyer and what are the odds of going against a different judge?
I love your question solely because every attorney will answer that they are the best in the area. Working in a highly...
I beat a DUI passing tests, Dr note re eye movements, yet "swerving" charge still remained. Can this be appealed?
7/5 I was pulled over for "swerving". In retrospect my friend /passenger (witness) remember my driving was fine. When the DUI charges were dropped I accepted it discounting the "marked lanes" charges. I come to find that this is 2 points on my record. I wonder can this be dropped after the fact. The court did did indeed get their fine and court cost...why wreck my driving record?! Though my current location is Fl, the offense wad in Stark County in OH Thank you 727 505 1081
It sounds like you have already been found responsible and the licensing agency has assessed the 2 points. It is...
I haven't been stopped in 10 years, I was driving my dad's car ans the driver side tail light was out and I got pulled over
Hello my name is Jason Morgan I live in Lima ohio...2-3 weeks ago I was pulled over because my dad's tail light was out...the officer asked me if I had been drinking I told him yes but it was hours earlier...now thru my research I have found out that no matter if u have had drinks or not it's nearly impossible to pass the feild sobriety test...I haven't gotten a ticket in 10 years and I refused to blow because I know that I didn't have a drink in hours he still charged me with an ovi I am Goin to fight this case till the end...I have a child in Canada and with this on my record I can't go up and visit her during the summer because of Canada's law I think he seen that I hadn't been in trouble and wanted to make trouble for me...I'll pay the ticket for the light and serve the year for not bl
You're going to need a lawyer. The field sobriety tests aren't necessarily "pass-fail" tests, and don't require...
What happens in court for possession of alcohol under 21?
I was in my car in a parking lot and a beer had exploded in my car earlier that night and I had 5 beers in my back seat. A police officer smelled the beer and asked the 17 year old in my car to get out, then he saw the cans. I was taken to the station and kept there for a few hours. The police officer said that the court often sees 18-20 year olds coming in for this charge and they normally let them go the first time, but I'm unsure if calling my lawyer is necessary. I don't want this on my record.
You should call a lawyer. The police often provide inaccurate information that makes things sound less serious than...