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The army reported to NYS that I was convicted of a DUI while active duty in Germany. I never went to court or was punished in any way by the military. My overseas license issued by the army was administratively suspended as soon as I was charged. The army reported this as a conviction to NYS. The army refuses to fix this for me and NYS DMV wont remove it from my record without the army provost marshal contacting them saying it was a mistake. I have signed official letters from the prosecution (JAG) and my attorney stating that I was never convicted of anything but no one will help me in this matter. My chain of command has exhausted all options in this matter and I have even contacted a two congressmen. Help please
It sounds like you have tried just about everything. In New York State, if a government agency is not doing something...
My probation officer told me that my probationary period is now pending because I am also in drug court treatment. He explained that I would have to wear the monitor until finishing the drug court program, even though my original sentence called for only one year of monitoring. Can this be right? I've been told by many people including my treatment counselor that they can't make you wear it longer than a year.
If your sentence called for one year of monitoring, that's the law.
I left the state in 2001 after bailing out of jail , woundering if the county or the state will dimiss the case , have not plead guilty or appeared in court , for one i was not arrested behind the wheel ,
Because the DUI was allegedly committed in Illinois, you should re-post your question on Avvo's Illinois criminal...
I have a dui in illinois back in 2001 , i bailed out of jail and moved to another state , i havent been able to get a license ever since , do i have to go back to illinois to resolve this matter ? I was thinking i have to turn myself back in and fight the case ?
You will need to resolve the case in Illinois before another state, or Illinois, will issue you a license. There may...
I am going to be sentenced to 6 months in a county jail for a DUI in upsate new york. What would be the earliest I would get out with good behavior?
Based on your post, it appears that you are to receive a 6 month sentence for a misdemeanor charge. If that is the...
about 7 years ago i was arrested in florida i now live in ny and was arrested for dwi. iwas wondering what effect this will have on my judgement?
We would need more information to answer your question. When you say your adjudication was withheld, do you mean you...
Had 3 DUI in 35 years,
An Article 78 proceeding is used to appeal the decision of a New York State or local agency to the New York courts. An...