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I need to write letter to vacate a warrant how do i go about doing that?
I got a DUI and now i owe the fines and when i called to take care of fines they said i needed to write a letter to vacate the warrant even though i had already went to all my court dates
You need to consult an attorney. It's hard to tell what is happening from your question. There's a big difference...
What do I do
I was arrested for reckless driving. I was not read my rights until 7:00am the next morning. After spending the night in jail. I still don't have any paper work on it. No copy of the ticket. Nothing. I don't know what to do
You should contact a local attorney. You can also ask family to inquire into your bond, and see about getting you out....
I got a DWI on 05/04/2013 and havent heard a single thing or gotten any paperwork from the court, what might be the problem?
I did not take a breath test, I told the officers that I was falling asleep at the wheel (which i was) i just refused the breath test so they arrested me. I was drinking the night before but I slept some hours before I got in the car. I was given a blood test about 2-3 hrs after I was arrested. This was 05/04/2013 and it is now 02/04/2014 and I havent heard anything. Is there a place online where I could look to see what the hold up is?
It is possible that the laboratory testing the blood is behind and has not tested/sent the results of testing to the...
My son is currently on parole and was arrested for a DWI yesterday morning.
Yes my son was arrested in Travis County. His bond was set at $2,000.00 so I did bond him out yesterday so he could continue to work and continue with school. He currently works at a recovery place in Austin and attends a local college. He did not breathe or give blood. He was released from prison in March of this year and has been meeting all the terms of his parole until this incident. He was in prison for robbery. Does he need an attorney for the parole hearing also? This is his 1st DWI with no prior history of dui or dwi. He does however have possesion charges from when he was a minor.
Be aware that he will likely get a blue warrant issued - a parole warrant for which there is no bond. If that happens,...
DUI: Surcharge
In mid-2012, I received a conviction for DUI. My license, as per the court, was suspended for 1 year. DPS never received notice of the conviction, and my license never showed up as suspended. Three years later now, I am wondering about the surcharge which also wasn't assessed. The Texas statute says: Sec. 708.102(b) Each year the department shall assess a surcharge on the license of each person who during the preceding 36-month period has been finally convicted of an offense relating to the operating of a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Sec. 708.102(d)A surcharge under this section for the same conviction may not be assessed in more than three years. Will the surcharge automatically expire this year, so that it can never be assessed as it passed out of the three year time frame?
Check your license and all the applicable surcharges and other actions on DPS website. It will tell you what is...
Can a felony DWI the elgible for a 1244 a?
we live in Texas and he is already been sentenced to 4 years at TDC. he has made trustee in the county that he is at right now. this is 3rd or more DWI
No because 1244a only applies to state jail felonies and a felony DWI is at least a third degree felony
Is this a decent out come on a DWI Case in Austin Texas?
90 ALR Suspsension already served, so at no contest plea ALR credit, 10 Days in Jail, credit for 1 day @ 2 for 1. No fine, court costs $475. DWI involved a vehicular accident with another car, the BAC was .16
You need to talk with your attorney about this. If you do not have one, then hire one.