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Wrongfully arrested and charged for DUI. Will i need an attorney?
I was wrongfully arrested and charged for dui, i had too much to drink so my friend was my designated driver. when we got out of the bar and to my car, person who parked in front of me accuse us of hitting his car and called the police. Cops came and question us and gave me the breath test, of course i was drunk but i wasnt driving. Police made their mind that i was the driver and arrested me. From the damages of both our vehicles, it seems someone had side swiped both our cars while we parked. To even accuse me of doing that is ridiculous sense we both parked on the left side on a one way street and out damages is on the right side. They have taken my license. This is my first time being charged with anything. Im seeking legal advice on what to do. My friend is my witness.
Are there witness(es) that say they saw you cause the damage? Were you drinking before you got to this place where your...
I was charged with DUI. Cops followed me from the bar. They were waiting outside the bar with lights off and followed me.
I saw them, stopped the car and walked back to the bar. On my way back they stopped me and after the tests arrested me. On their report they gave different story that they patrolled the area and pulled over when I parked in a driveway and saw me drunk in a car. They can follow drunk guy walking drunk & driving. But they claim different facts. It tells me that what they did was illegal. Please advice on the legality of what they did and what is the procedure to challange probable cause? It was 2 am and I now of no witnesses but the same happened to many other people at the same bar. How can I use that info?
You need to retain an experienced criminal defense/DUI Attorney in the Sacramento area. The sooner the better. This...
What things should i focus on during dmv hearing for dui? I cant afford a lawyer and will be using a public defender likely.
I blew a .09 and .1 but hadn't been drinking in hours and am confident my blood test an hour later will be significantly lower. If my blood tests comes back lower then the legal limit could that help my case? Any suggestions are greatly apreciated
DMV Hearings are not a DIY project like building a bird house at Home Depot on Saturday morning. Retain counsel for...
How much time will you be facing if guilty on 3 charges, DUI, child endangerment, and hit and run
My sister and cousins were drinking together. Cousin asked sister if she can drive her and her kids home. While sister was driving, somebody hit them. sister told cousin they needed to stop the cousin said no just keep on driving. Sister pulled over anyways and that's when they switched drivers. Cousin ended up getting locked up but is out on bail now and is being charged with a dui, child endangerment and hit and run. Keep in mind theres no report on sister, cousin did admit to officers she was drunk and the only driver. Office gave her a blood and alcohol test and cousin failed it. Now cousin wants sister to take the blame for everything because CPS is involved. What can sister do to protect herself and if charged what crime will she be charged with?
You are going to get the same answer from everyone, call an experienced DUI attorney and set up a consultation. This...
If I know a District Attorney in another county, would they be able to help with my DUI case in another county?
If I know DA in one county, would they have any way to help me with my DUI in another county.
They are prosecutors and not defense attorneys. They can always write you a letter of recommendation but DUI cases are...
I got a second dui while on ptobation for my first dui. im afraid of jail time. no one was hurt during either cases.
how long do you think they will put me away for? i saw it is 10 days to 1 year.
You need to speak with an attorney immediately so that your he or she can protect your rights and possibly your driver'...
What to expect at arraignment hearing with 3 pending DUI's.
Resident of Sacramento. Received (1) DUI in Denver in December of 2014. Received (2) more DUI's in Sacramento both in February of 2015. DUI in Denver involved a minor accident with no injuries and BAC .30. Two Sacramento DUI's had no accident and BAC .33 and .38. Sacramento DUI's were approximately 28 hours apart.
You should expect to be arrested and taken into custody, at arraignment. Hat is especially true if you show up u...