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  • Teachers learn to stop a killer

    Monday Feb 16 | via Battle Creek Enquirer 

    Teachers learn to stop a killer Training for active shooter held at Battle Creek Central Check out this story on Officer Damon Young, right with checked shirt, talks to teachers during active shooter training at Battle Creek Central High School. About 150 teachers from Battle Creek Central High School, the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center and Northwestern STEM School learned how to protect students and themselves if a shooter attacks their school.


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  • Newtown final report details rampage, urges changes

    Friday Feb 13 | via UPI 

    The 16-member commission assigned to investigate the appalling shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School more than two years ago has completed a draft of its final report and will submit it to Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy next month. Posted to the state of Connecticut's official website, the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission begins the report by offering a dedication to the 26 first-graders and faculty at the elementary who were shot to death by gunman Adam Lanza on Dec. 14, 2012.


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  • 'Swatting' victim to harassers: Ten cops pointed gun...

    Monday Feb 9 | via Polygon 

    Armed law enforcement, summoned by a hoax call, raided the home of a popular Runescape livestreamer last week which prompted this emotional message in which the gamer describes his 10-year-old brother being held at gunpoint. Joshua Peters, who lives in Minnesota and livestreams as "koopatroopa787," uploaded this video on Thursday, following a raid on his home that was captured during a streaming session.


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  • CA town still wonders 'why'

    Friday Jan 30 | via Disaster News Network 

    As Charles "Andy" Williams faced sentencing Thursday, the faith community in Santee, Calif., offered comfort to families still hurting a year and a half after the teen opened fire in his high school. Williams fired his father's .22-caliber revolver more than 30 times at his Santana High School classmates in March 2001, killing two students and wounding 13 individuals -- 11 of whom were students.


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Littleton Law

I was sentenced to two years probation for a dui involving an accident. I have completed 18 months with no issues during probation except i failed my first three ua's because of marijuana use before I was sentenced. I filed a motion for early termination 90 days ago and it was denied due to 1) the failed ua's for marijuana 2) because the dui involved an accident. What are the chances the judge will allow the early termination (or unsupervised probation) now?
A lot depends upon the judge and when you filed your motion for early termination. If it was the other day then any new...
Is there any added liability for a corporation if you have a valid drivers license, valid insurance and drive occasionally for work and have 2 DUI s
Potentially yes. You are classified as higher risk because of your poor choices and prior driving behavior. Which...
I'm currently 32. One charge was when I was 23 the other when I was 25
It depends in whether the licensing agency allows someone with a criminal conviction to get a license. Prior...
i had I shot at 955pm and finished a beer before 1040pm. pulled over, dui, ect. I gave blood at 1152pm. 15 min later I blew .028 & .019 (different pbt machines) 40 min later a .015. im thinking that the average of the breath test will be indicative of the bold level!?
Based on this information, I think it is likely that your blood alcohol level will be under .05. However, that isn't...
I'm on probation for a first offense DUI. At our first meeting my probation officer said I'm a "low risk" case and that I only have to take 4 urine tests a month. I'm suspicious as to why she would tell me that if these tests are supposed to be random. I'm not worried about failing because I'm clean and I'm abstaining from all drugs and alcohol until probation is complete. I'm more concerned about the costs. With all the other expenses my conviction has incurred, I really can't afford $100+ a month in tests.
I think you are worrying over nothing.. The PO decides the number of tests and yes they are still random - but there...
18 year old female. Never in trouble before. Good character. Good kid. Did a stupid teenage thing. Smoked some marijuana. Drive her truck (owned by Dad). Came to a construction zone. Didn't recognize flagman (dark of night in the mountains on an unlit 2 lane road). Followed car in front of here to turn away from construction zone to take another way. 4 charges. 1. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (not drinking). Took blood sample on site. 2. Failure to follow flagman's orders in a construction zone. 3. Possession of < 1oz of marijuana. 4. Possession of drug paraphernalia. They also impounded the truck, arrested her, gave her a ride near home, released here under custodial arrest. Did not take license. Only one other ticket in a minor fender bender several months ago. Has a steady job, needs truck to get to work.
That depends on how much you value your reputation and freedom. DUID case can be won and often these cases are not...
My first charge was dismissed due to a class I was able to take. So this would be the 2nd one on my record.
The consequences for an MIP charge can vary widely depending on the jurisdiction in which you were charged. However, a...