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Hi, a year ago I received a DUI and also was charged with prohibited use of a weapon. I was sentenced to 18 month deferred judgment on the prohibited use charge. I have completed in a very timely manner, my 24 hours service, track b alcohol therapy, madd, and have been completely sober so never failed a UA. My last probation appointment I found that my officer quit, and a woman filling in for him told me to file the paperwork to try and get on unsupervised or early term of the deferred judgment. I sent in a motion requesting this to the DA and judge. is it even possible to get an early term on a deferred or at least get on unsupervised probation? is the motion what I needed to file with the DA? im in douglas county.
A deferred judgment is a contract with the DA. The court has no authority to modify the terms and conditions of a...
How can I be sure my first MIP actually got dismissed?
You can go to the court and ask to see the file. Once again, you should consult with an attorney rather than trying...
If this is seen as my second MIP, I could potentially get my license revoked, is there any way I could get a court order to be able to drive to school and work? I am 17 years old.
If the first was truly dismissed, the DMV shouldn't take action against your license on this...assuming you are...
I did not complete 1 year as required by the court. Does this mean that I no longer have to finish it?
We can't understand your question. Was it terminated in 2010 successfully or wasn't it. The way that you have posed...
I got a DWAi a year ago and I have not complied with my probation like I should have. I start school in January and don't want to miss any school because of jail.
It is possible depending on your circumstances. You should call an attorney to assist.
I have a friend that has to do ETGs, they are not 100 percent accurate. Can a probation department revoke someone over a false positive? Is there a way to get probation to just administer ba's if you don't agree with the method of testing? Apparently a person with medical problems such as a yeast infection won't pass the test! Lol! My friend is male so in sure that doesn't apply but a test that isn't 100 percent accurate shouldnt be used when its a persons freedom on the line.
ETGs are constitutional. no test is 100 percent accurate. Not even DNA tests are 100 percent accurate. So they can...
It is my first offense ever, i got an DUI. It does not say abstain from alcohol on my court papers, I was charged with misdemeanor but got formal probation for 24s months. " You are to obey all laws, city, county, state and federal" " Not operate a motor vehicle with any intoxicant in your body" "Not posses or purchase any firearms" "Not consume alcohol in "Excess""? While on probation I am required to submit random 8 panel w/ ETG tests. What does that really mean ? Can i have a glass of wine for dinner or a couple of beers in front of a football came ? Or do i have to abstain from alcohol?
It almost seems that you have been given contradictory order. Do not consume alcohol to excess would infer that you can...