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I know you get your license suspended but what else could happen. My boyfriends record is clean & this is his first dui offense.
Jail, community service, probation, fines, and the conviction will stay on his record forever. I would have your...
My car was totaled by a drunk driver, which his insurance accepted liability. The car is upside as far as the loan goes, soooo the insurance company will issue a check to the lienholder for the actual value of the car leaving me still owing on the car. Can I sue the driver for the remainding balance of the car? Thanks
Yes. However read the release the insurance company will have you sign very carefully. Specifically look for a complete...
I have been to dui school. I have certificat. My fine is 925. I have 3 dui's
If you were declared a habitual violator in 2002, that was well more than 5 years ago. If you have not received any...
When I have this hearing, will I be able to get my license right away? I spoke with a lawyer and he told, I was ok going alone. But I am not sure. Thank you
Whenever you are facing DUI charges, there are two separate processes going on...the criminal charges in court and the...
illness and violence
Depends upon how that person's behavor is interpreted. First, it might be taken as an otherwise harmless dependant...
I was just arrested for a DUI in GA..I spent all day in jail .. my license is suspended and my court date is not until July
For drivers license purposes, if this is a first DUI on the Georgia license, it is be considered a first DUI. For...
4 yrs ago arrested in NJ for DUI and now just arrested in GA
Hire an attorney as soon as possible. Follow your attorney's advice.