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DUI charge with a BAC above the legal limit. Because the blood test results have not returned yet, may the prosecution double charge me with DUI l/d/v and DUI BAC above legal limit or may it drop the DUI l/d/v charge and replace it with the DUI BAC above legal limit charge?
usually these kinds of cases are charged in the alternative until they decide what exactly was the substance that...
I had 2 DUIs (extreme n regular) back to back in December of 2013, no injuries or accidents, now my Green Card expires in July 2014. How will these convictions affect my renewal? I haven't had any other violations in past. I am on formal probation until I fulfill court requirement since I am still paying for 2nd DUI.
I would not initiate anything without first meeting with a local licensed immigration counsel who must review this...
I got an Agg. DUI and want to know what I can do to have it differed if anything? I have not gotten the ticket yet, although they did impound my car for 30 days and take my license.
Arizona does not have a differed judgment program for DUI not Aggravated DUI. The best you can hope for is to have the...
What is the worst that could happen to me? I'm a single mother and a single family income. I need my license, even if it's restricted. I can not go to jail as I have no one to watch my daughter. This is my first offense and my first time I've ever been in trouble. Will that help me? I understand I need to face up to my bad choice but is there anything I can do to help my case so I don't be made an "example" of, as many Arizona residents have had to deal with.
The worst that could happen to you for a DUI conviction is 6 months in jail. This is unlikely. The minimum sentence for...
i had to slam on my brakes the dealer or warranty co supposedly had an alignment performed and car would pull to left when i braked, they were aware. Anyways, turned down residential street off a 35mph street, car came at me on passenger side, without lights on realized almost hit me and sped off. i had to pull my vehicle left and slam on my brakes and ran into fence because curb and brakes did not stop me. Neighbors called police, they did not care about other car, saw my handicap sticker in window and gave me a breathalyzer which I passed. And refused to give me alternate test because I was unable to perform regular sobriety test due to disabilities. Informed me at that time i did not pass teststhey knew i wouldnt due to ailments, arrested me, made me sign to give blood or take dl
There are many factors that go into a DUI case. The first thing is to secure a lawyer or ask to receive a court...
BAC .09 >> Scottdale Arizona, I already have an attorney that doesnt seem to experienced in the field of gastric bypass and I have paid him alot of money only for him to tell me to plea the deal which i already had before I hired him and gave him my hard earned money. it doesnt seem as though he wants to fight this case< but wont tell me his advise. sounds to me from talking with him<, he just wanted some money. any help would be appreciated!!!
You need to sit with your attorney and discuss these issues and confront him about your concerns. A good attorney will...
When I was initially pulled over, it was because I pulled out of a dirt field onto the pavement before turning on my headlights. The officer had me do a PBT and it showed (according to the officer) .02 - the officer then had me do numerous field tests then cuffed me and said I was under arrest, no miranda rights were read to me, I was placed into the back of the police vehicle and taken to a building where my blood was drawn by the same police officer that pulled me over and placed me under arrest. Shortly after the test, the officer said my results showed BAC .029 and slight trace metabolites and then said I was under arrest (again) and read me my rights before transporting me to the downtown jail -do blood results come back that quickly?
As discussed in your previous post - discuss these issues with an experienced attorney.