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Can I ask A judge to reduce fines and fees after prison?
Unfortunately unless you were given higher than statutory fines the judge wouldn't be able to reduce them. Likewise if...
#1 is being impaired while driving on a suspended lic #2 is having a metabolite that isn’t exempt even w/ my medical MJ card. I have a gym check-in prior to being pulled over for expired tags. Not a moving violation. The lab results work against me. My public defender said there is nothing I can do about charge #2. He said, proving I wasn’t actually impaired won’t get me off charge 2. I told the cop the truth about when I smoked last, roughly 5 and a half hours prior so I could keep my meal down. That’s when this became a DUI investigation. Roughly 30 minutes after I got pulled over. The cops were just casually talking to me. They even tried to locate a pamphlet for me to get my car out of impound the next day. I never got read my rights before he asked me. Does that matter?
Your questions are good and I urge you to obtain a criminal defense attorney to represent you.
Also just want to knwo where to go from here I have lived in a different state for the past 4yrs and no plans of moving back to California anytime soon.
Disposed means that it is over. It has been disposed of.
Is an attorney needed/advisable for arraignment and what will this charge entail as far as court appearances and possible sentencing? I live out of state (CA) and have a terminal condition that I am currently being treated for.
There are many questions that your post does not answer. It would be advisable to consult an attorney since you may...
I was convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in April 2014, can I travel into Canada?
You can try traveling to Canada but you may be criminally inadmissible to Canada and denied entry.
My husband got his 2 and extend DUI while driving a car that was in my brothers name. Car was towed and mesa PD have a 30 day hold but will release it to my brother with a fine. My brother won't get the hold taken off because he worried about going into the police station and getting questioned or charged with something. Does he need a lawyer? If so what kind of lawyer does he need just to get the 30 day hold taken off?
You need to be more worried about your husband's second DUI. He needs a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. There are many...
I have had an ignition interlock in my car for a consecutive 8 months now. I have not drove my car that much. Although i still drive once in a while. My sister inlaw usually drives us to work so we can save on gas. Is there any way that my sentence will get extended because of not driving enough? Is there a manditory amount of hours to drive your car or just have it in your car for a certain length of time?
Your ignition interlock requirement will not be extended for not driving the vehicle enough. In fact, it is not...