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  • Four arrested after brawl with Lubbock police

    Monday Mar 23 | via 

    Four people were arrested after a Lubbock Police Department officer working off-duty security at a local bar and other officers were assaulted. The first officer, whose name was not released, was working at Copper Caboose in the 5600 block of Avenue Q when he tried to arrest someone about 11:15 p.m. Saturday, according to a news release.


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Litchfield Park Law

For a felony DUI ?
Can I ask A judge to reduce fines and fees after prison?
Unfortunately unless you were given higher than statutory fines the judge wouldn't be able to reduce them. Likewise if...
I'm 17 got a dui,driving on suspended license, fake id, and curfew.whats going to happen?
it was my buddy's id and they never called my parents for my blood they god a search warrant
What happens will depend on the choices you make at this time. The DUI has mandatory jail, fines counseling and MVD...
DUI dismissed w/o prejudice because blood was lost. What's the best next step? Consult an attorney? Can they find it and refile?
My irresponsible younger brother got a DUI, refused to blow (so it was blood), and the court dismissed his 2 charges without prejudice. He went to court a total of 3 times but they lost/cannot find his blood. Is this common? What are the chances they refile. Having spoken to my brother that night, it's very likely it was at extreme DUI levels.
It would seem unlikely that the State would attempt to refile these charges, but depending upon whatever evidence may...
If you got 2 DUI and they were both considered your 1st would the 3rd be considered a 2nd offense?
You get 2 DUI's in a month and you run them both concurrent through 2 different courts. You are sentenced for both as a 1st offense separately would the 3rd be a 2nd or a 3rd within the 84 month period?
No it would be your third and could be charged as a felony.
Any way to get the Interlock sysytem out early in AZ?
I have had it in my car coming up on a year, this was my first DUI it was A AGG do tho the fact my DL was suspended at the time I was pulled over. I feel 2 years is a little excessive for my first DUI and was wondering if there was a way to get it reduced to a year I have no fails also.
Did DMV or did court order the IID. Likely no.
Can a lawyer help in this situation
A month ago I was caught driving on a revoked license. The car was towed. The license was revoked due to a situation in Ohio. However I did get a dui in Az. I've been to court once and am scheduled back April 15th. I don't know that I can get my license back by then. What should I do right now?
While the timeline is unclear, you should absolutely consult with a qualified DUI defense attorney in Arizona. Arizona...
Can some one tell me how ARS 28-1383 (D) and (E) legal when the contradict subsection (H) and ARS 13-116?
Does this not violate due process and equal protection clause of the 14th amendment? This is a sentencing law subject for all felony DUI's and not a case or trial law subject.
I am not licensed in Arizona, but your question just does not make sense. Can you reword it, please? Are you asking...