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i was in a hit and run accdent
Yes -- for as much as you deserve. Talk to a personal injury attorney pronto to make sure you maximize any recovery to...
and said I blow 0.095 and 0.089 second time can he change these numbers?
No. The machine records every sample that goes through it. The operator does not have the capability to manipulate this...
I live in Texas and I researched public intoxication (which is what he is charged with) and it said he will be in Jail for 4-12 hours and $160.00 fine. He has been in jail for about 2 days, it happened at 11:30pm on New Years Eve and its now 1:30pm on January 2. Why is he still in jail?
There are many possible reasons your 19 year old neighbor remains in jail. Just guessing, he may not have been able to...
I plead guilty to a dwi in may 2005 and i want to go into law enforcement but i cant for another 5 and a half years unless i get this fixed.I have a clean record besides this and I have grown up alot since this happend , i dont drink at all now any advice
The short answer is that you're going to have to wait the 5.5 years to get this job unless they're willing to make an...
A friend had a felony DWI 3rd knocked down to a misdemeanor and got 2 years probation. he's serving 30 days as a condition. Will he have a drivers license when he's released?
If his license wasn't ordered suspended when he went to court, he may still have a valid license. However, he was most...
My husband got a 3rd DWI the first week of July.. his court date is July 29th, hes thinking that it will just get postponed,but I told him anything can happen. He has no lawyer so far. Who is correct? or close to it? I know he will get jail time I'm sure. Is probation possible too? Thank you.
My best advice is to hire a local attorney ASAP who can start working on a defense for your husband. it is a very...
I have my full drivers license and need to move furniture for my employer with a U-Haul truck to North Carolina. Would this be problem since the vehicle wouldn't have a breathalyzer on it? If it is, is there a way around this? Thanks.
I would check with your attorney as to your restrictions. Often you can get an interlock exemption for work vehicles