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If a person kicks a car while drunk causing a dent are they libel for the damage
argument in a parking lot
Yes, they are liable for the damages, absent other facts. This is unlikely to be covered by insurance and could be the...
I have a DUI 21 years ago and one 12 years ago can I get these expunged. Judged misdemeanors and all request fulfilled
No damage was done, no one hurt one read BAC.08 the other I believe was a 1.01
Expungement is a procedure governed by state law. I am not licensed in Indiana, but in California, where I am licensed,...
How do i get a couple dui's exponged so i can get off the htv list
i have 3 DUI convictions,didnt have money for a lawyer at the time,so i had signed the plea agreements ,in turn i became a habitual traffic offender,i just wanted to know what to do???
Well n California they cannot be expunged, not sure in your state. Check with your local DMV
Is it possible to get another judge if I were to move to a different county?
I have been sentenced to 3 years of probation and a 3 year license suspension due to a DUI with an OWI prior. My judge is a stickler and Im trying to at least get unsupervised probation so I dont have to make trips in to the PO office. I cannot afford to get a hardship license and have no need for one since I live right by my work and he only allows you to use it for that purpose. Ive been on probation for 1 year now with no issues. So, my question here is, if I successfully get my case transferred to another state/county would I also be assigned a new judge if I ever wanted to go back in to get my license back early? If not how will I ever get my license back sooner than 2 more years? Any advice would be appreciated Thank you
I am not licensed in Indiana, but in California, where I am licensed, the answer is no. Probation is a contract with a...
I received an OWI in Indiana with a license from Az.
My dogs got loose so I drove the vehicle approx. 51 ft. in the alley by my house and opened the door so they would jump in. Police were called because the dogs were loose and when they arrived they arrested me for an OWI. My license was from Az but was revoked because I never reinstated it. The police never said anything about it. They did not ask me to give it to them either. What do you think will happen?
I am not licensed in Indiana, but in California, where I am licensed, you would most likely be charged with OWI and...
How can I get my reinstatement fees waived after getting a dui?
I plead guilty other than dui my background is not bad
Your background has nothing to do with it. You have to be indigent. Consult with a traffic attorney to see whether you...
I have a 3rD DUI that is within 5 yeas of my second in Indiana. what could be the penalties and what could be the options?
2 previcious DUIS ALC level .15 higher charged with endangerment
If this happened in DeKalb you'll be doing executed time. Hire an attorney now to minimize the damage.