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Had an accident on motorcycle. Walked back up to where I was due to lack of cell service and zero passing motorists. Had drinks to calm nerves. Witnesses to not drinking prior to accident/drinking post accident. Went to scene 2 hours later to be towed out with someone's vehicle and police arrived while I was steering the bike out of the embankment. Keys in ignition but motorcycle wouldn't run. Witnesses to dead battery as well. I was down far enough that I couldn't put the bike on the kickstand and that it wouldn't come out of the embankment. Preformed FST on downhill slope and blew .12 and .10 after arrest at station. Thanks.
So were you sitting on Motorcycle? or walking next to it? Regardless, you should fight this case. Prosecutor could...
I was charged with a dui when officers stopped while my motorcycle was being pulled out by a truck. I was steering but the engine was off. I was then directed to perform the field test on the road next to his car. The road was sloped downhill. I blew a .10 at the station
It matters for a motion to quash arrest which would have taken place before the test at the station.
I was recently charged with section 18.2-266 of the code of Virginia. My B.A.C. was .10. In the signature line under "I promise to appear at the time and place shown above. Signing this summons is not an admission of guilt. I certify that my current mailing address is as shown above." I have received summons before and always signed every single one.
Yes. Since you were arrested, you would have been released by the Magistrate by signing a bond/bail release form,...
In August of 2013 I was convicted of a first offense DUI with a high BAC (>0.15), as a result I was sentenced to a mandatory 5 days in jail with 55 days suspended sentence, ASAP classes and counseling, also a restricted license with a required breathalizer installed in my car for one year. I have done everything as required by the court along with paid all my fines. I've now had my breathalizer over 6 months and I've been told that I could probably petition to have it removed, I haven't had any failed tests aside from a device malfunction, also no failed drug screens or ETG tests. I have no idea how to petition this, do I need to have a lawyer do it? and if so is there any way to have my full license restored since I haven't had any violations? I know this will probably depend on the judge.
As you restoring your license fully, that can not happen until you have served out the entire suspension. The law...
I got convicted with a DWI >0.15 in April 2013, and two days ago (one year later), I blew a fail. An hour later I passed, leading me to believe that I failed by a pretty low margin. I wasnt sure what happened and tried rinsing my mouth out, believing that it may have been caused by mouthwash...I just kept thinking did I eat something or drink something that set it off? I blew again one hour later and passed, and now Im wondering if I am going to serve more time under probation for this, especially considering I have 11 clean months with no violations.
When you say you blew a single fail, does that mean you did not give the second blow a few minutes later? The point of...
I Received a 1st time DUI conviction and was ordered to complete 6 months of having an Ignition Interlock device. Are there any penalties due finishing the six months install late, past the 12 month court date? (Besides delayed license reinstatement) I have not driven this year and I have no access to a vehicle. I've completed all the other requirements (Alcohol education classes, etc.)
The ignition interlock requirement only applies if you requested a restricted driver's license when you were convicted...
Is a BAC 0.036 very bad or the Legal limit?
No, not for a DWI/DUI. .08 is the legal limit. If you are a minor, it may cause issues or if they suspect drugs in...