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I am in a custody case against my x-boyfriend,and he has a very lengthy arrest record.We are scheduled to return to court in late June of this year.I am wondering,how can I go about obtaining his full arrest record,how much does it cost,and what do the records show.?
There are commercial websites where you can obtain criminal records. Just search for "criminal records".
i don' t have 3 dui my lic been gone 9 and a half years know.
I am not sure exactly what your question is, but my guess is that you are wondering when you can get your license again....
The Court have cancel my court date four time and counting? I am in my second year of college, and I am just wondering this. If I have a test and I ask for a different date will the Court honor my request? This citation is about 15 month old?
The court may honor your request for a continuance, they may not. However, based upon the fact the case has been...
also, will the reckless driving charge appear on his criminal record or his driving record?
If your son's case was reduced to reckless driving the conviction will not show as a DUI but will appear as reckless...
My friend was pulled over last weekend in suspicion of DUI, but when he only took one shot and when he was tested at station, he got below the level of DUI but put in jail for a day anyways( which is possible I hear). My friend asked a lawyer to hear his case and his total lawyer fee amounted to be near 7000dollars. I felt bad for him getting pulled over, because he really was basically giving me a ride, but I don't understand how expensive this is. Is this normal????
The cost of handling DUI cases can vary greatly depending on where the case is pending, whether or not it looks like...
walking back from the a frat party alone at 1am, i am a minor and i was drunk, but can they arrest me for that
Can they arrest you for that? SURE, and it appears that they DID arrest you for that. "Drunk in Public" or some form...
I was dropped off by a designted driver I can't find the taxy company that drooped me off,But I have witness that heard and saw i was dropped off !
You can listen to your lawyer's advice.