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1st offence, turning 25, never been in trouble, no reason for the pull over, Blew less than 0.13, travels for work
West Virginia does not aff
A young man was arrested for DUI 1st offense. He is under 21 and having this on his record could jeopardize his career. He has been going to school for a few years and this could prevent him from being able to use his training.
Yes, the young man can request entry into the 17C-5-2b deferral program if his alleged BAC is between .08 and .149,...
A received a DUI a few months back in Morgantown WV, and was placed in the first timers program, which requires me to get an interlock placed in my car and take AA classes. I am currently living in NJ. How do I got about finding the classes in my state? What are the requirements, and can the classes be taken online? Thank you in advanced!
You can find local AA classes online by AA.org. My understanding of AA is that it is more of a meeting, and not really...
i got pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt then charged for driving while revoked in a mcdonald parkinglot.i went back the next day to get my car and the same policeman pulled me over at myhouse coming home from mcdonalds.
You definitely need to hire an attorney to represent you. It is hard for anyone in this forum to tell you when the...
and blew .16 got charged with aggravated DUI. Does this count as my first or second? Can West Virginia take my Virginia license? I live and work in Virginia.
I am re-categorizing this post under DUI/DWI so an experienced DUI attorney can answer your question. Good luck.
I've been told that driving another person's vehicle in WV while under the influence can cause them to get a dui as well. Is this true? And is it also true for married couples?
It's a WV myth and not the law in any state in the United States. DRIVING under the influence requires that the person...
In Oct I was In a wreck when I was headed to church a 16 year old cut in front of me to get to other side of road punch his car I was in a ridgelind 15 miles he he only got failed to yield cops thought I was someone they had been looking for they had cops fire department tear my truck up looking for drugs crow bar to tear open glove box threw everything I owned in floor even my info on truck when they found it the young cop that started this followed me to hospital search my purse while kept on a board my heart rate got so bad the nurses had to come in there I kept telling g him who I was he finally pulled out my licence all because my daughter's first name match the suspect they were looking for I had took her to Wal-Mart to pick up stomach med which was not open had receit
File a complaint with the local police department (arresting agency)'s internal affairs division. Seek the advice of a...