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What are my possibilities of acquiring ARD
I was recently pulled over and had a BAC of .19. I was not taken to jail but simply taken and to the hospital for blood work. The arresting officer asked me if I had ever been arrested before. I haven't, and he replied saying that I could be confident that I would receive ARD. He told me a lawyer was not necessary. I can not afford an attorney but still think I should try and get a public defender. What are my chances of receiving ARD and will the presence of a public defender make any difference?
If you cannot afford a private attorney you should definitely apy for a public defender. There are many issues to...
Do I have anything I can use in this case?
I was pulled over and breathalyzed and then eventually blood-tested for DUI in early September. I was told I would receive a letter within four weeks detailing when my court date would be. I just received that letter yesterday, making it just over 11 weeks and the report says that it was filed Nov. 15 , which is almost 10 weeks after the actual incident. My blood work came back with a BAC of .109. Is there anything I can use here to my advantage? I am a college student and would be unable to pay the expensive fines/fees involved with the ARD program or any other scenario. Please help.
The time table that you outlined will not have any bearing in the case moving forward. You must have an attorney and if...
My wife and i were charged for d.u.i at the same time. I was a passager in the van.
She plead guilty yet there still tring to charge me, how is this possable? The state tropper said he susspected we switched seats. I filled a discovery motion for the vidio tape from the police cruzer they told me they din't have a vidio cammara in the car, i thought all state police cars had 2 have vidio and audio in the cars.
If the trooper has evidence that you were driving, then the trooper would be justified in filing charges against you....
Charged with dui, truck out of gas, battery dead .key was diabled.. broken no guts.. is it possible to beat the charge
husband was passenger in truck when ran out of gas. he fought with wife and threw key thus breaking it. battery was dead. had to be jump started. can he beat the charge? truck couldn't start and stay running.
Every state has their own definition of "operating" but you have to be operating the vehicle for a dui to apply. If the...
I live in PA w/ a restricted drivers license. Moving to TN. will I be able to get a restricted drivers license in TN?
Restricted license for 2nd DUI
PennDot can only license you, suspend your license, or give you an OLL in Pennsylvania. Your question is better asked...
PA DUI Brackets and Blood Test
I was Arrested for DUI the other night in Cumberland County, I blew .113 they performed a blood test 30min later at booking center will i be notified of the results?, do you think they will be lower then the Breathalyzer I was Hoping to do ARD and fall in the general impairment range of .08-.099 rather via my blood test results being lower or by the good graces of the DA if the blood comes back over .099 what do you feel the chances of this happening are?
You likely can get the results at your first court date .
How much more will Dui under controlled substance charge affect employment over regular dui?
I was recently charged with dui controlled substance in pa. I do qualify for the Ard program which will eventually wipe my record clean but I have to wait until a year and a half for that to happen. 1) How much will charge (not conviction) hurt my chances for employment over a regular dui? 2) I have a bachelor's degree from Temple University and many skills. Is that something that could level the playing field to a potential employer with someone who has no arrest record?
There's just no way to answer that, it is applies and oranges. Every employer is different.