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  • Lewes man accused in multiple Rehoboth burglaries

    Thursday Feb 26 | via Big News Network.com 

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  • UPDATE Suspended Trooper from Bridgeville has DELJIS...

    Monday Feb 23 | via Big News Network.com 

    A Delaware State Police trooper arrested in March 2014 amid allegations that he misused his access to criminal records in an ongoing domestic dispute with his former girlfriend, has his Delaware Justice Information System access revoked. The DELJIS Board of Managers voted unanimously last week to revoke 39-year-old Master Corporal Andrel Martinez' access to the system permanently.


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  • Personal protection starts with self confidence

    Thursday Feb 19 | via Cape Gazette 

    She's sweet and funny, but she knows exactly how to use her body to stave off any attacker. At a modest 5-foot-6-inches tall, Jamie sets a perfect example for women learning how to take control of their surroundings to protect themselves, whether they're walking home at night or making a quick trip to the store.


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  • Man Arrested, Charged with Drunken Driving after Mil...

    Sunday Feb 1 | via WBOC-TV Salisbury 

    The Delaware State Police have arrested a man for drunken driving after he was involved in a car wreck that injured another driver. Police say 31-year-old Jeffrey Dorsey of Lewes, Delaware was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and vehicular assault after he crossed the double-yellow line and then struck a car while driving on the John J. Williams Highway in Millsboro at about 6 p.m. on Saturday.


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  • Police investigating two-car crash in Millsboro

    Sunday Feb 1 | via Cape Gazette 

    The Delaware State Police have arrested a 31-year-old Lewes man for DUI and assorted other charges following a two vehicle personal injury crash that occurred Jan. 31. The incident began at approximately 6 p.m., Jan. 31, as Jeffrey Dorsey, 31, of Lewes, was operating a 2008 BMW 330i and was traveling in a westbound direction on Route 24 in the area of Holly Lake Campground, Millsboro. For an unknown reason, Dorsey crossed the double yellow line and entered into the eastbound lanes of Route 24 where his vehicle nearly struck a second vehicle.


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  • Rehoboth Man Arrested for Fitness Center Car Break-Ins

    Jan 30, 2015 | via WBOC-TV Salisbury 

    The man responsible for breaking into cars in local fitness club parking lots over the past three weeks has now been arrested, according to Delaware State Police. After receiving multiple theft reports dating back to January 11, troopers in Lewes conducted surveillance Wednesday in the parking lots of three fitness centers: the YMCA on Church Road, the Club Fitness in the Rehoboth Mall and Rehoboth Cross Fit.


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  • 1 Dead After Being Pulled from Burning Home in Mills...

    Jan 29, 2015 | via WBOC-TV Salisbury 

    The Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office said that at around 8 p.m. firefighters from the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company responded to the blaze at the home, located on the 32000 block of Circle Drive, Orchard Mannerr. Flames were shooting out of the home's windows when firefighters arrived at the scene.


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  • Millsboro house fire turns fatal

    Jan 29, 2015 | via WMDT 

    The Delaware State Fire Marshal's office is currently investigating an overnight fire rescue that later turned fatal in Millsboro. Police say at about 8 P.M. Wednesday night, The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company responded to the 32000 block of Circle Drive.


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Lewes Law

There is bad blood between us. We legally tried for temp. custody in Jan 14 when she was sentenced for her 3rd DUI. We lost the case. She then kept the kids from us until this afternoon. Apparently she has fled MD and is in Utah but we think she is fixing to get picked up by the law. She called and allowed me to talk to the kids for the first time since Feb 14. She wants to place the kids with us but wants to get them the minute she is released which is likely to be a while. She receives $1100 SS/mo for the kids because my son died. We want to keep the kids util she is sober and responsibly but not on her terms . Then we got to understand healthcare and school issues.
You need to speak with a local attorney to get this done. You said you've already lost an attempt to get custody, so I...
I have a Valid Delaware Drivers License but got a DUI in PA. Now that I have fulfilled all the penalties and paid all the fines can I drive in PA with my DE drivers license? I am commuting from DE into PA to work. PA requires an interlock device for their residents with a PA license. Delaware does not have this requirement.
If your license is valid then you should be fine to drive as long as you have met all Pennsylvania's requirements. I...
I am going to accept Recovery Court for a DUI in place of some jail time but there are requirements for outpatient treatment, probation officer and court check ins and I live two hours away. There is also a requirement to work full time so it is going to be very difficult finding a full time job with time off during the week so that I can fulfill these other obligations. Any insight would be appreciated.
Probably yes. In Delaware, defendants who accept Probation Before Judgment for DUI cases (which sounds equivalent to...
One of the requirements of probation and being on house arrest is working full time but the other requirements like meeting with the probation officer during the day, driving classes etc conflict with work time. Also, many employers will not hire someone on probation and with a DUI record. Thanks. Any advice would be appreciated.
In this tough job market, your situation is even tougher. You might try to get a job that you can do from your home--...
A DUI occurred in 2005 and I failed to appear at the court proceeding.
Arrest warrants generally remain active until they are executed. A dui occurred in 2005, meaning I suppose you were...
Delaware Law Chapter 175/2211 (b) "Any person incapacitated by alcohol except where apprehended under a criminal charge, shall be taken into protective custody, and forthwith brought to an approved public treatment facility for emergency treatment. ..." Delaware Law Chapter 175/2203 Definitions (9) "'Incapacitated by alcohol' means that a person as a result of the use of alcohol, is unconscious or has his judgment otherwise so impaired that he Is incapable of realizing and making a rational decision as to his need for treatment. ..." Can a person really be drunk enough so that, as a pedestrian, they are a hazard to themselves or others or property, yet they are still capable of making a rational decision as to their need for treatment?
You must have a reason for asking since your question and self-answered narrative seem more rhetorical than need based....
I understood that is the subpoena came by mail and not by a sheriff hand delivering then I don't have to honor the subpoena. True or not true.
It sounds from your description like this is a criminal case. Delaware Super. Ct. Crim. Rule 7(d) says that service...