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can i get a dui if its not on the police report but its on my medical report?
You didn't like the answers we gave?
I'm a veteran of Iraq and Kuwait, and immediately got a certificate of relief from civil disabilities, is a liscense for a shotgun for hunting possible?
I think that the fact that you were convicted of a felony is a bar to obtaining a pistol permit, and probably a rifle...
I wasn't even driving the car, I was sleeping in it and the car was off, but the keys were in the ignition, anyway, it was 9 years 10 months away from my first D.U.I - I'm a veteran of Iraq and Kuwait? Is this possible?
See my answer to your duplicate post.
I was arrested for a dwi i have no criminal record. I met with my attorney today and he believes that i have a very good chance at plea bargaining the misdemeanor charge to a traffic infraction or dwai. I was just curious what to expect at this part in court?
Consult with your attorney. www.estrellalawyer.com
I had asked a question on here previously , and the answers did not specifically say what papers i need to file with the SYN courts , so I am just wondering which ones , as there are many that can be downloaded off of NY S's web site . Thank you .
You want a specific answer for free. And I want to use my office without paying rent. This forum is good to use to get...
I received a DWI about 2 years ago. I am currently on probation with the interlock installed in my car. I very often allow friends and family to use my car, i give them detailed instructions on how to use he interlock however, over the court of the last 2 week people have failed multiple times and it was kicked to my PO. She called me and advised me she will put a note in the system that according to the pictures connected with the interlock she can see that it is not me failing the tests and it is others using my car. She can not promise me that i will not be sent infront of a judge to plead my case and prove i am not the driver. I am nervous for what can happen to me and if i will get sentence to a longer stint on probation or maybe jail for something i did not do. Help me!
Well...you will need a lawyer if it goes to court. Probation usually will not be extended and jail doesn't seem likely....
the ticket is a 10-125b summons.
Not necessarily as you were not fingerptinted BUT if they run your name through a policr database, it's possible to...