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This morning I failed the BAC test on an ignition interlock device on my car. Since this violates my probation, what now?
first time DUI, one year probation, six months ignition interlock. court ordered by the state of kansas.
Well, it is especially difficult to answer this question as a Missouri attorney that does not practice in Kansas....
My lawyer in mo has not taken care of court dates for dwi and now I have warrants. What is my recourse against this lawyer?
I have a dwi in Jackson county mo and property damages. Tickets were written by sheriff dept. I thought my lawyer was handling everything till I got worried and went to courthouse to find out details on property damage, costs fines etc. come to find out he missed court date and now I have warrant out. What recourse do I have against him ? I have paid all his costs and now get no return call from him. What can I do??
Do everything you can to contact your current attorney. Go to his or her office if you need to. It's possible that...
Got a out of state DUI, how long will it take to get my license suspened here in MO?
DUI charged in Nevada, moved back home to family in MO. Arraignment in a few days. still havent gotten the letter from the MO DMV to suspend my license, it has been a month now since my arrest.
I assume you had a MO driver's license when you got pulled over. It is much more complicated then just saying when...
I live in MO but was ordered to get an interlock device installed for a KS DUI i got in 2010. Do I have to get it?
I live in MO and have all my life. In December of 2010 i got a DUI in KS. I was given probation for a year no license for a year and now they want me to put an interlock device on my car. Since I live in MO and have a valid drivers license do I have to get the device installed?
If MO doesn't require it, and if you don't ever intend to drive in KS, no.
License going to be Suspended soon
I plead no contest to a dui charge in December of 2011 in Kansas (dui arrest was back in 2008, and I have had a valid license since 2008 due to improper paperwork by the officer). At the time of the arrest I had a KS driver's license. Since then I had moved to Missouri and obtained a Valid new license in the state I currently reside. Will my license become suspended in the new state (MO) after Kansas suspends my license? Will I legally be able to drive with my valid current MO license? I just want to make sure I do everything correct and legally, I don't want to be driving on a suspended license and want to put this behind me.
Kansas can suspend your right to drive in Kansas. Missouri is supposed to respect Kansas's revocation and to revoke...
Just wondering if I have a case against my ex wife of the adoption of my daughter.
2 years ago I signed the rights to my daughter over to my ex wife and her new husband which one did you adopt my daughter I did so only on the circumstances that my child support would stop and that all ten thousand dollars in back child support would be forgivenI've got all the paperwork stating in the paperwork that everything was supposed to be forgiven but now they're garnishing my wages taking my tax return what can I do about thisdo I have a case and how do I go about it
Typically any past due child support obligation is not waived. The effect of the adoption is to stop any future child...
Registering vehicle after DUI forfeiture in new state residence
My vehicle was forfeited in my DUI case a year ago and my car sat in my bank auction facility for 3 months. They contacted me and asked me if I wanted the car back. I asked my lawyer if I should and his reply was " if the bank is giving you your car back, I suggest doing so" I paid some fees, retrieved the vehicle and its been 60 days since I shipped it to my new home state I havent received any letters or communication from my home state. I had the vehicle shipped to my new state, so my question is, since it was a repossession title, when I register it in my new state, what will happen, if anything at all. I also will need to get it set up on interlock, reporting to my home state. I still have the original title, and the bank issued a new "secured interest" title.
It is not clear from the information what some of the issues are. A car title can be used to register the car in any...