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Last week, I was arrested for a second DUI offense within the past two years. Can I avoid jail time with aid from a good lawyer?
It was my second offense within the last two years.
What consequences can I expect in Kansas from failing 1st UA on DUI Diversion?
I have not been granted diversion yet, but my lawyer assures me it will not be a problem. I am concerned because I know that I am going to fail my first UA when I go on diversion in 1-2 weeks. What will my consequences be? If I'm going to fail, does it really matter when I quit as long as it is prior to going on diversion?
Hello there, Its up to the diversion officers to determine if they want to continue monitoring you on a pretrial...
Drug testing costs in diversion program
i am currently in a diversion program for a first time DUI charge in Johnson county , ks. During my first meeting with my diversion officer, they asked me to have a drug test done for 25 bucks at a lab corp. I understand they will ask me to have these tests done at times throughout the 1 year diversion. I am wondering how often on average do they ask to do it? I figure worse case would be if they asked at every single monthly meeting, which would be 12 tests max or 300 bucks for the year. Could it possibly be more than this? Less? I know everyone is different, just curious what a typical experience is like for someone. I have been in the program for a couple months, already have all my classes done, so these drug tests would be my only remaining costs.
The best defense is to always be clean and sober then you don't have to worry especially if they call you in for an...
How to go to court for DUI Kansas without an attorney
December 31. went to lunch meet Mother. Mother couldn't come I had lunch & 2 glasses of wine. Left to do errands and few minutes at mall parking the car in front stopped fast and I hit bumper. Very minor, but police was there and she told him she smelled alcohol on me. Was arrested and took to station where they proceeded to draw blood. Attempted 3 times and could not. I had breath test where it was .05. They said I could not walk straight, but I have health problems with Leukemia twice and Bone Marrow Transplant. I have AVN hips, feet neuropathy, encapsulated tumor spine, gait problem with bad knee, but I had UGG Boots and had hard time walking straight. I am on disability and cannot afford an attorney. I need license for appt. & travel to MdAnderson. 5yrs DUI Houston,dismissed.
I am not a KS attorney but I can tell you that you are entitled to a free public defender if you are on disability and...
Dui/interlock question
If I have a interlock system in my car, can I drive a parents car instead of my own?
I am not licensed to practice law in Kansas, but I would very strongly believe the answer is no. The interlock...
Am i in trouble since i forgot to call my lawyer within the first 10 days of the month?
I got a dui and granted diversion, i am supposed to call within the first 10 days for monthly check in, but forgot, how much am i in trouble for?
I think you should use this time to contact your attorney as you were directed to do. Even though you were late,...
I received a DUI Dec. 23, 2014 in Overland Park, KS 66212. My court date is Jan. 13, 2015 in Overland Park Municipal Court. I
I called the court and they told me the first appearance would be for instructions and decision making. I did not think I needed a lawyer for this appearance but now I am really scared. Details: My husband recently died and I have been overwhelmed with income loss and grief. I was home that night and depressed. So, I decided to meet friends for a beer and their support which was only a block from my house. When I returned home and turned into my driveway I hit a fire hydrant. A fellow citizen called the police whom arrived before I had gotten out of my car in the driveway He arrested me and took me to the station. I didn't realize I had hit anything as there was no noise and my car was not damaged. This is my first offense. Is it to late to receive help?
Absolutely not! Your case hasn't really begun and you have plenty of time to hire an attorney. If you cannot afford one,...