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I have not been granted diversion yet, but my lawyer assures me it will not be a problem. I am concerned because I know that I am going to fail my first UA when I go on diversion in 1-2 weeks. What will my consequences be? If I'm going to fail, does it really matter when I quit as long as it is prior to going on diversion?
Hello there, Its up to the diversion officers to determine if they want to continue monitoring you on a pretrial...
No, but the consequences are often similar.
Im on my second DUI (first DUI was five years ago probation completed with no problems)I've served jail time already for my second and attended probation orientation second appointment took some type of question evaluation and assigned to a PO but was not asked to take baseline urinalysis I started color code system and mon after this Memorial Day holiday my color was called I might have dropped a dirty ua I drank on fir and had 3 beers on sun I also took one hyrocoden without prescription for sever back pain will this count as my baseline or just be counted as a dirty ua either way what is is the most likely outcome
You're in considerable amount of trouble. Testing dirty on a drug/alcohol test never works out well. Consequences are...
Two different charges completely. DUI is driving under the influence is simplistic terms and open container is just...
No, but the consequences from the court are often similar.
A friend brought me to a house party with a lot of underage drinking going on. I was the last person awake and I was very drunk. I don't know why or how, but I managed to get someone's car key and decided to drive home. I crashed the car, ran away, and took a taxi the rest of the way home. I want to avoid being charged with crimes. Also, I left my phone at the party and the police have it now. How long until I get that back?
Possible show that you were too drunk to form the requite intent. You will also face a DUI. The lost phone is the...