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  • White supremacist says he hoped to kill more Jews, b...

    Monday Nov 17 | via The Washington Post 

    Frazier Glenn Cross Jr, also known as Glenn Miller, is a white supremacist accused of killing three people at two Jewish centers in Kansas. REUTERS/John Sleezer/The Kansas City Star/Files That's a comment from avowed white supremacist F. Glenn Miller Jr., 73, of Aurora, Mo., who told the Kansas City Star that he went to Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and a nearby Jewish retirement home last year "for the specific purpose of killing Jews."


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I have not been granted diversion yet, but my lawyer assures me it will not be a problem. I am concerned because I know that I am going to fail my first UA when I go on diversion in 1-2 weeks. What will my consequences be? If I'm going to fail, does it really matter when I quit as long as it is prior to going on diversion?
Hello there, Its up to the diversion officers to determine if they want to continue monitoring you on a pretrial...
Is there any way I could drive a moped or electric/gas assist bicycle?
A Kansas attorney may be able to tell you the answer. It would seem you'd first want to make sure that the statute...
. My license is suspended till Nov 2014 and ordered to only drive a vehicle with IID till NOV 2015 by the DMV and not the court. Is there anyway i can fight the one year IID rule ? . Can i wait a period of one year and not install a IID since its not court mandated ?. I have now moved to WA
Good morning. When a driver gets stopped for DUI in KS, there is an opportunity to request an administrative hearing....
I got a letter from DMV stating that I am only allowed to operate a vehicle with a IID for a year. This was done by DMV and not by court since i am currently on Pre trial diversion. I was not convicted and there was no suspension/order by the court.
Ask the DMV. Each state's DMV has different rules as to this issue. In some states, the answer is yes to your question.
I was fired due to being drunk on a business trip. Will this prevent me from getting unemployment insurance?
This will depend on the state you are in and what the unemployment laws are. It will also depend on how the employer...
Can I be on diversion and probation and diversion at the same time Can I accept the diversion
You need to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. The laws regarding diversion eligibility...