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How do I know if I am eligible for the Indigence Program ?
I am trying to get the BAIID system but at this moment I have no income and I just had a baby so I wanted to know if I qualify for the Indigence Program????
Social Security does not have an indigence program unless you are so disabled as to be unable to work for 12 months or...
How to explain a criminal record when I apply for a job? What is best way to handle situation? Can record be expunged/pardoned?
September 2009, arrested for DUI. First and only criminal offense. Entered plea agreement of guilty. 12 mos probation, alcohol treatment, and fines completed. Voluntarily went to rehab in January 2010. Voluntarily went to AA meetings for 1 year after rehab completed. Going on 2 years sober. Employment opportunity denied w/background check. Very distraught. Company indicated I would have the job otherwise. They replied to my Letter of Apology with, "If you can get record completely expunged, you should and reapply for this position". Driving privileges were never suspended. Secretary of State has no record.
DUI convictions cannot be expunged.
Will I get my vechile back or is it lost forever?
A while back ago my vechile was taken for forefieture for felony charges. Now I'm goin to court for the felony charges and they have decided to drop my felony charges and just give me a misdemeanor will I get my vechile back?
You have a chance of getting your vehicle back, but how much time is "a while back?" Hopefully you have a lawyer who...
How to find DUI records
My 6 year old son lives mostly with my ex-wife. She has been on several evening dates recently, and I have heard through the grapevine that she is driving under the influence. Obviously, I fear for my son. How can I find out if she has any DUI's?
Criminal History Records information is only available from the Illinois State Police. Information is located at their...
My license is suspended from a misdemeanor DUI. I just recently got caught driving on a suspended license.
I messed I shouldn't have been driving but I need a lawyer I don't want to do any jail time. My court date is April 9 2015.
I believe this is a repeat question. If your license is revoked due to a DUI conviction you are in a "mandatory"...
I got caught for dui while my license was suspended for too many moving violation.what is going to happen in court?
my license was suspended for too many traffic violations in 6 month period and now I got a dui. what is going to happened in court
The DUI and the driving on suspended license ticket are two separate matters. What I can say is that if your driving...
First Time Offender DUI Dupage County, Court Supervision Question
My final court date is in June and the only thing I have not completed for supervision is the after care for the substance abuse classes, I am currently enrolled and active, but I can only go for (2) hours a month (according to the state) and will have 8 hours remaining at the time of my final court date. My counselor states that she can call in a "status report" and Im not sure what that would en tale. I completed everything else, fines, 100 hours community service, Victims panel etc. Can I get convicted for have everything complete but the aftercare? Will this be considered a violation?
Technically, if you appear on your return date without everything completed, a petition to revoke your supervision can...