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  • Ross County Grand Jury Indictments

    Friday | via WCHI-AM Chillicothe 

    During its Friday session, a Ross County Grand Jury indicted a Chillicothe man on charges stemming from an incident outside of a bar. Rick Hannan, an investigator with the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, said Chillicothe Police were called to the Cozy Inn on Western Avenue just before 2am, January 11th, on a report that Sheldon Tyler, 38, was outside of the business, threatening people with a gun.


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  • Waverly Man Indicted for Felonious Assault

    Dec 19, 2014 | via WCHI-AM Chillicothe 

    The Ross County Grand Jury indicted a Waverly man on a first-degree felony charge of aggravated robbery, Friday. According to Rick Hannan, an investigator with the Prosecutor's Office, the victim told authorities that William E. Kempton, 33, and Kempton's girlfriend took him to fill his prescription on October 17th and then drove onto a road in Scioto Trail State Park where Kempton allegedly choked him with a belt, stole his medication, and threw him in a ditch before fleeing.


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Laurelville Law

Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...
due to no employment i couldn't do what the court ordered which i got last year 2014 am i able to go get another license ?
If you didn't perform any of the conditions Ordered by the court then NOthe case is not closed and NO you can't get a...
I currently reside in Cincinnati, OH and received a DUI in Orlando, FL back in 2012. I was in the DUI Diversion program at one point and was released from it but then put back in. I did not sign the contract because of not having a car and being unemployed (with no benefits).....there were several factors that I could not complete. Even the PTD supervisors told me I did not belong in the program. The case is now back in the courts hands and I have been scheduled for Pre-Trial on 02/09/15. I do have PD so I am wondering can she not file a waiver of apperance on my behalf? I know that eventually will need to go down but with finances being what they are (just came out of bankruptcy). The PD just switched hands and the previous PD was working on a plea deal so I am not sure where
Ask your question where the charge is, not Cincinnati Ohio. Florida. This question, in any event, is best directed...
I had an OVI in 2006. I paid all fines off but did not complete 10 days in the Talbert House so a warrant was issued.
No. You will absolutely be arrested. Contact the Court where the warrant was issued to make arrangements to turn...
In June of 2013 my husband got a DUI in PA. He blew 0.21. He has a suspended license now and did his three days in jail. We are almost done paying the fines for those. Last night he got another DUI in Harrison County. He blew .19 and was driving on a suspended. He has court tomorrow to put his plead in and Ive been searching all day trying to find help. Basically I want to know a few things. He works out of town two weeks and is home two weeks. He's the only income for our family - we have two kids. Does OH do any kind of work release or something so he can still work and not lose his job? One person told me today that he's looking at 20 days consecutive jail time for a second DUI offense? Also once PA finds out, will he have to serve the 90 days for driving on a suspended license? TY!
The court will not do work release or weekends for this type of offense. He is facing a minimum of 20 days although...
Was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to 5 yrs. in prison with a lifetime suspension. Isn't the suspension for life an illegal sentence?
No, it is not. If you were convicted of a 4th degree felony OVI and the repeat OVI offender specification, you could...
I have an OVUAC on my record. People have told me numerous times (Even my own attorney.) to consider finding work with no college degree, telling me I can't possibly get a job with my OVUAC, and paying all that money is unnecessary. Since it happened in Ohio, and it can never be expunged, it will always appear on a background check and I'll always be passed over. Should I just drop out? Obviously with this advice, I'll never make any good money, but that's the price I pay. Maineville, OH - less than a minute ago
Did they also suggest taking a dose of hemlock? The advice you got was absurd. an UAOVI is not the end of the world...