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Military police found an empty can on passenger side while going back to the base. I refused to blow and let them know that I just gave a civilian a ride home in Tennessee were passengers are allowed to drink.I didn't realize that he stuck can under seat. I later summited to a blood alcohol test.I was prepared and willing tourniquet on arm when the person got a phone call and left without taking my blood. I was then let go from the Army under honorable conditions for disobeying a direct order to blow. Now back home to Florida and the military turned over the case to a civil court charging me with a DUI in Kentucky. Court date February 5th. I was a combat medic having still my EMT Paramedic license. I can't get a job on my field if I have a DUI! Help Please!!!!!
You will need an attorney that is licensed in the state of KY. There may be an attorney that lives in Florida and is...
I ended up leaving Georgia and moving back to Vermont without taking care of this issue, since then i found out that there is a bench warrant in the state of Georgia for me; I have not had a license since then. It is now 2014 and I have recently moved to Florida from Vermont, my Vermont ID has expired and I need to get a Florida state ID. Is there any chance of this issue surfacing at the Florida DMV while applying for a state ID and could I be arrested while doing so?
The prior DUI will most definitely "surface" at the FL DMV. It's unlikely you will be arrested, but if you have an...
Hi i went to Floriida dmv today and got my restricted license. I remember getting a dui i California in 1991 and never took care of it cause i was in the military and was going through a court martial in which i got sentences and never heard about the dui ever again and i left 1992 i caught a dui in Washington DC but took care of that both times i had a Maryland license and Maryland never told me anything about my license so i never went back to renew it..that was my only time holding a license...could it be possible that my name was never sent to the NDR?
Maybe. You're not going to know unless Florida suspends your license.
Being a felon prevents me from serving on a jury, many jobs, travel out of country, etc. Is there any way the felon can be adjudicated from my record or reduced to a misdemeanor? I have had no more offenses of any kind and am a RN. I have never driven since my arrest in 2007.
After probation and all of your classes and treatment are completed, you should have an attorney go to the prosecutor...
If I was arrested for DUI and DWLS and refusal to submit went to trial but only got tried on the DWLS and refusal the dui was severed on the day of trial. Lost trial and got max sentence on both charges 1 year to run consecutively.2 years total. While in jail I was brought to court every month for the DUI trial they never tried the case. I have completed my sentence and going back to court on still pending DUI after over 16 month in Jail. These are all misdemeanor charges. From 2012. DUi is set for Docket call for December.
If I understand your question correctly, The statute of limitations does not apply. The reason that the statute of...
As a part of my punishment for my DUI, I had my driving privileges restricted. I currently have a hardship license, which is for business use only until October 5th. Does this mean that October 5th is my first day that I'm eligible to drive again? Or is it my last day of the suspension? Also, am I required to get a new license right away, or can I do it whenever I feel?
Your license remains technically suspended until you give the DMV some money and reinstate your license. Contact the...
I'm going on a last minute cruise, its my last month of DUI probation and I won't have time to ask permission. I have no outstanding warrants. Will customs detain me on my way back in? Will they be able to see my probation status and then attempt to contact my Probation officer?
Depends on where you are going on cruise. I suggest calling PO or postponing trip. Good luck.