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I was pulled over one night driving a friend home when I was pulled over for speeding, my friend had stated to the officer I was giving her a ride home.I had given him my license and registration then he hold me to get out of the car & began making me take tests. He said I couldn't blow in the breath test hard enough & I did 3 times. He didn't tell me my bac level & he said he was going to take me in just for a suspicion of a DUI. Once I was in the car he has asked me if I wanted to do a breath test or a blood test. I have told him I did the breath test so I had to do the blood one. They still haven't told me my bac level & I stood in jail for 8 hours. So what courses of actions should I take before court if this was my first one? I have never received a ticket, been in jail or anything.
First course of action is to obtain a lawyer
Have I fallen between the cracks,or am I obligated to take another 18 months of DUI school because they only offer 6 mo. and 18 mo. schools and Dmv wont let me take another 6 mo. school which the court assigned me, to complete the year of classes?
The first question I would have for you is what is the current status of your California Driver’s License. Understand...
never been arrested, goes to school, does not have a job. court date is february 11th in court he will as for a public defender. is it possible to get an appointed public defender before the court date?
Hello Stockton. You need to retain an attorney to help your son. Attorney Peter Marek has an office in Stockton and...
I was under the impression that i had 2 years from the time u enroll to re enroll or pay your payment? Will i lose all my credits? I was 13 class s away from completion on a second offender class.
You should contact the program quickly and work it out with them. It's up to the program whether or not they give you...
My arrest was not violent, no one was injured, no accident. I was stopped in front of my home. I was convicted and went to school, paid a $1500.00 fine, did 4 days community service. recently I applied for supplement pay to help offset my expenses to help care for my disabled grandchild.
Probably not, but the only way to be sure is to request a report for yourself. Costs about $30.
I was charged with DUI in October 2014 and I haven't been convicted yet, I was not finger printed back in October but I was order to do a book and released on December, the book and release was reported to the California Boards of Vocational Nurses and they send me a letter requesting detailed information about the incident like I say I have not been convicted yet so half of the paper work they are asking for I don't have, what should I do? I was told by 3 different lawyers that I WILL ONLY BE REQUIRED TO REPORT TO THE BOARD IF I HAD A CONVICTION why are they asking for reports if i haven't even been convicted yet please help.
You should really have an attorney representing you for the DUI. They should be able to help you with this. That...
I was arrested with a BAC of 0.10 and the DMV took my license. I have not yet been convicted of any charges but the company I work for found out somehow and terminated me right away because of my DUI. can I still collect unemployment even though I lost the job because of own fault??
First, you should retain a criminal defense attorney and fight the DUI case. Second, you were terminated for cause and...