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I was pulled over one night driving a friend home when I was pulled over for speeding, my friend had stated to the officer I was giving her a ride home.I had given him my license and registration then he hold me to get out of the car & began making me take tests. He said I couldn't blow in the breath test hard enough & I did 3 times. He didn't tell me my bac level & he said he was going to take me in just for a suspicion of a DUI. Once I was in the car he has asked me if I wanted to do a breath test or a blood test. I have told him I did the breath test so I had to do the blood one. They still haven't told me my bac level & I stood in jail for 8 hours. So what courses of actions should I take before court if this was my first one? I have never received a ticket, been in jail or anything.
First course of action is to obtain a lawyer
Have I fallen between the cracks,or am I obligated to take another 18 months of DUI school because they only offer 6 mo. and 18 mo. schools and Dmv wont let me take another 6 mo. school which the court assigned me, to complete the year of classes?
The first question I would have for you is what is the current status of your California Driver’s License. Understand...
I was arrested with a BAC of 0.10 and the DMV took my license. I have not yet been convicted of any charges but the company I work for found out somehow and terminated me right away because of my DUI. can I still collect unemployment even though I lost the job because of own fault??
First, you should retain a criminal defense attorney and fight the DUI case. Second, you were terminated for cause and...
Pass the breath test gave me another test a blood test they tricked me when in jail. Was in there bc they found 2grams on me.
Absolutely no way an attorney can tell you to take the deal or not without reviewing the facts of your case, the case...
I have got notthing else on my driving record since
If you did not complete the classes as instructed by the court, you are in violation of your probation. Seek counsel.
I'm a full time student these are the only things on my record and I don't want a felony charge
You may be diversion eligible on the drug charge if it is a crime of possession. The 2 DUIs pending a the same time...
While i was driving home i was flashed down by an officer and when i tried to turn i crashed into a wall, i got of the car immediately and surrendered to the the officer. my license was already suspended due to unpaid tickets, and i was also charged with reckless driving and speeding over the limit. i also refused the Breathalyzer test. i want to know how bad my situation is and what my penalties will be. does this count as aggravated dui? will i be looking at jailtime?
You need an attorney immediately! Many facts are needed to fully analyze the extent of your situation and you should...