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I completed the DUI class. At that time I required a device attached to car (breathylizer) It's been 3.5 years since I've driven do I still need this device in order to get license and drive?
Unfortunately yes you do. There is no way around this requirement. You are free to call the good folks at DMV...
My friend was on a 36 month dui felony probation (leaving scene with extensive property damage) - she already violate prob once when tested positive for, the got her on violating curfew..she went out to a bar and left her 3, 7, 9 yr old home alone....police were waiting when she returned....i guess the 9 yrs old woke up and alerted a neighbor who called police.......she has been in jal for over 20 days bond on the VOP, and then they charged her with neglect of a child......why only one child? She is asking me......i don't know but they are both felony charges....she is not a criminal........going thru some tough times and made very poor decision....any possiblity they might recommend her to treatment or is she looking at serious time?
Your friend needs much more advice than can be given on a public information site. She needs to get an attorney...
Dui ticket on Illinois license in Florida
What is your question? The answer, no matter what you ask, will probably be, "Hire an attorney to defend you."
Was driving 9:00AM in the morning. Coughed out with COPD and being a smoker loss sight for a second or so. Police arrest me for DUI. Bumped a rescue vehicle. Cops come and end up with a DUI. Blew all 0's on test. Asked to take a urine test and asked to speak with my lawyer about certain meds I take. They wrote a refusal. Got my license back. They now have no video. I know the officer said to use the field test because I did to good.
You need to talk to a lawyer about your discovery. Did you perform field sobriety exercises? Did the officers "switch...
I am not drinking at all I am just not getting it to work al the time
Yes, there are a number of ways to attack the reliability of the Intoxilyzer 8000. I have personally litigated over 30...
New Years Eve, he left the bar at 11;15 to drive 1.5 miles home. Brand new to the area (second day) he got into the turn lane on West Bay and made an illegal u-turn and was pulled over. The officer asked had he been drinking and then had him do balance tests (walk on line, etc..). Was taking to police station and booked at Largo Police Station at 11:36. Giving a breath test and blew .14. Was transferred to Panellis Prison at 2:00 AM. Was told he would retest in eight hours (from 11:36) but never given the opportunity to retest at 7:30. Did not see the judge until 8:15 AM, never allowed to retest and held in "sick bay" until 2:30 PM. Need a good lawyer in Largo area and can this be a "wet reckless" plea?
I understand your frustration. My firm offers free case consultations in these matters. Our number is 813 830 2261....
Mich I lost my license
Most states do not recognize other state's administrative suspensions, however, if you were convicted in court of a DUI,...