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Can I get license back before fine is paid
i got a DUI and had driving privledges suspended for a year (July will be a year) I also owe a fine that I pay monthly. Do I have to have it paid off in order to get my license back?
If the fine you're referring to is being paid to the court, then no you don't have to pay that off before your license...
My truck was hit by a drunk driver in new jersey dec 2014 insurance company i not helping what can i do?
my truck was hit by drunk driver while parked in nj and my insurance company isn't helping in any there anything i can do to get paid for my truck being totaled?
You can call your insurance agent and get him/her to put a light under somebody's rear end. You can also file a...
Do one remain anonymous when reporting someone to their parole officer?
2 dui and still drinking and driving with kids in car.
It depends. One can request anonymity, but is if the crime is not independently verifiable, the parole officer might...
DUI Conviction YES OR NO?
If a person is on ARD, how should that be answered given FIRST OFFENSE
What exactly is the question? Who's asking?
What next? Underage DUI:19 years old
I am a 19 year old college sophomore. Got stopped by the cops and was given a breath test (was not told the result, should I have been told the result?). Then I was handcuffed and taken in. They took blood (is this just to confirm the breath test or are they looking for other substances)? What happens next?
There are many questions here that will require a lengthy consultation with local DUI attorneys. My suggestion is you...
Are the results of my alcohol assessment for a DUI set in stone?
I had to take an alcohol assessment as part of the process to apply for ARD. I took the assessment and I don't agree with the verdict. If i go to take another one elsewhere will the new counselor be able to see the answers I gave during the first one?
Most counties require that you be assessed by their county or county contracted agency. You are certainly free to get...
DUI process
If the preliminary hearing was waived and also the arraignment, will there definately be a pre trail conference if the person is attempting to enter the ARD program?
It will depend on the County you are in and the Judge. Some Judges will continue the pre-trial conference while your...