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If the preliminary hearing was waived and also the arraignment, will there definately be a pre trail conference if the person is attempting to enter the ARD program?
It will depend on the County you are in and the Judge. Some Judges will continue the pre-trial conference while your...
I just had a PSI done for a 2nd DUI and I was wondering if they include a sentencing recomendation?
Typically the PSI will include sentencing recommendations from the probation department, which can be very influential...
I am a 19 year old college sophomore. Got stopped by the cops and was given a breath test (was not told the result, should I have been told the result?). Then I was handcuffed and taken in. They took blood (is this just to confirm the breath test or are they looking for other substances)? What happens next?
There are many questions here that will require a lengthy consultation with local DUI attorneys. My suggestion is you...
My friend is attempting to do the ARD program for Tier 3. He may not complete the requirements timely and had paid a lawyer. The fee to the lawyer is only enough for ARD a trial is additional. My question is if he is sent a letter to have a trial. How long does he have to obtain a Public Defender or should he go un represented?
Generally public defenders are only available to those who are in custody (ie jail) or who make very little....
I got a 3rd DUI and got sentenced to work release for 12 months. My daughter went into foster care because my boyfriend had to go out of state to work. I have been in for 3 months. How soon can I apply for parole? How likely will I even get parole early? (i.e. is it worth applying early?)
Talk with your parole officer because their recommendation to the court could help or hurt.
over the next 2-3 hours. I wanted to take my kids to a live concert and it was my first day off after 13 days straight. I am a 5'10" male weighing 320 lbs. We left around 8:30 I felt completely fine. it was raining decently hard. We were pulling out from the exit and i made a right about 200-300 feet from the exit there is a right angle turn where there is also the ability to go straight no stop sign as I'm getting near the turn a car pulls up they have a stop sign. I'm planning on going straight right as i'm about to get there the car pulls out directly into my lane and blinds me with high beams. I react and swerve ot the left barely missign him. When i can see again I am about to run head first off road I make a sharp left that makes my back end fishtail i get stuck in mud
The only one who can help answer this question is the experienced criminal defense attorney that you must retain to...
I have had 3 DUIs in the state of PA (Lehigh County). My first was in 10/2010 and I have a 1 yr suspension (my ARD was revoked due to my second), 2nd was in 9/2011 and I have an 18 mo suspension, my 3rd was in 5/2012 and I have a 5 yr suspension listed with PennDot. I am confused because everything I can find lists the suspension for a 3rd, even at the highest tier, as 18 months. Am I missing something? I have completed all requirements other than paying off fines and am serving my parole without issue but would like to know if it will be possible to get my licence back sooner than 1/2020.
I am not an expert on PA law, and I may be missing something here, but it seems like you were driving DUI and without a...