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Got stopped at a Dui checkpoint felt obligated to submit the sobriety test I found I didn't have to I should have known. I feel like having aspergers syndrome is what caused the investigation and got charged for a Dui for having marijuana in my system. I can't afford to hire an attorny, I dont know if i qualify for public deffender because i live with my parents my income is low enough but my households might make too much what should I do?
Go to your first court date and request a public defender. IF you don't qualify the judge will give you time to go...
I want to contest my case what is the best thing to do?
If you cannot afford a private attorney, make your first court appearance and request court-appointed counsel.
I was arrested for a DUI after passing out in my car with the keys in the ignition. I blew a .198. The officer said he almost let me go. I was also possibly presumably drugged at the concert I had attended that night. I was taken to detox and blew a .138 only 2 and a half hours after the initial test
I doubt there's a single lawyer who recommends a do-it-yourself on a DUI.
I just got my first ever drinking and driving charge. I was originally charged with a DUI and my arresting officer took my license immediately. I went to court and got the charges lowered to a DWAI which is only 8pts compared to the 30 something I originally was getting. I have asked this question and keep getting different answers. Is my license still automatically revoked or can I get it back? Is there anything else I should know?
There are a lot of variables to be considered in determining the impact on your license. First, your age may make a...
I was sentenced to two years probation after a DUI in which I refused the breathalyzer. This was my first offense and my record is clean other than the DUI. I have completed 12 months of probation (without a single failed ua) and completed all other conditions of probation. I have a good relationship with my po; he has lowered my ua's to 1 per month and I only have to meet with him once every two months. If I file for early termination, what are the chances the judge will grant my request?
Very unlikely. However, you can talk with a local attorney and explore that option. There will be no chance at early...
I called in the morning and had planned to go in the evening but when I got home my husband told me he had been laid off and I completely forgot until today. I plan to call PO and explain. I missed another one a few months ago that he gave me a warning for. Otherwise I have been perfect on probation and got all my classes and community service done very promptly. What do you think will happen? I am very worried because I only have 6weeks left on my probation.
every probation officer is different. They might cut you some slack. However, this is a technical violation of your...
I just got my first DUI, in July. I haven't had any other charges before, i haven't even been pulled over before until that day. I blew pretty high, but I'm very small. I want to go to Nursing School, but wondering if i can even get in, or take the test? Also, is there any way to get it expunged? Should i plead not guilty?
A conviction for DUI or DWAI will not prevent you from obtaining a nursing degree or from obtaining your nursing...