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What to expect on sentencing date and what to take or not take with me. It is in Jefferson County CO
In a month I am going to sentencing and expected to get some jail time for a DUI (2nd) I know I should expect to be taken into custody that day after sentencing but what should or shouldnt I take. I want to take my phone so i have phone numbers and so i have it when i get out. I know I will turn in my stuff to the jail but will I get it back or whats the process? Do I take my wallet with ID and money? What about my contacts? I need to wear them to see but I also need my solution because i have to take them out at night. am I allowed them? i dont have glasses. I have never been to jail (went to detox on day of arrest) and im nervous and dont know what to expect. Any tips or advice on how it all pans out would be greatly appreciated. Thank
You'll have to check with the jail to find out what the Rules are regarding your possessions. I would suggest that you...
Do females go to a regular jail cell or halfway house for DUI sentencing in Jefferson County CO?
I recently took a guilty plea for DUI. It is my second in 5 years. When talking and going over everything with the DA I asked him how the booking working worked and where I would go. This is in jefferson county. He said I would stand in front of the judge and get sentenced then be taken into custody. He said I would be taken to a halfway house type of place. This took me by complete suprise. I asked why not a normal jail cell and he said they dont have one for jeffco. I know there is a jail but Im just trying to figure out if I will be going to a actual jail cell or halfway house. anyone know? He did say I could do work release. If I am at a halfway house what is the difference or what will be different about what I have to do or pay or get out for work? thanks!
Why do you doubt what the DA Told you? You have several questions which you should address with the halfway house.
Alchohol education level 2 online classes
I need to sign up for alcohol education level 2 classes for my second (and last) DUI. I was about to sing up for at a place in Lakewood but then saw there are online classes available through different sources. I was ticketed in by lakewood and everything is in jefferson county. Can i sign up for an online class to: 1. save the embarassment of going to class 2. knock out the classes quicker (before court date to look good on my record) I dont know how credible or if the court syste will take these. any insights or thoughts would be helpful. Also, do you know price wise how these stack up againt going somewhere? the last thing i hate t do is sign up and do it online then not get credit for it and be out money. thanks!
Just check to make sure that the online classes are approved by the court and if they are go ahead and take tmem. Good luck!
Can't afford a lawyer don't know if I qualify for public deffender
Got stopped at a Dui checkpoint felt obligated to submit the sobriety test I found I didn't have to I should have known. I feel like having aspergers syndrome is what caused the investigation and got charged for a Dui for having marijuana in my system. I can't afford to hire an attorny, I dont know if i qualify for public deffender because i live with my parents my income is low enough but my households might make too much what should I do?
Go to your first court date and request a public defender. IF you don't qualify the judge will give you time to go...
Can't afford a Dui lawyer
I want to contest my case what is the best thing to do?
If you cannot afford a private attorney, make your first court appearance and request court-appointed counsel.
Do I need an attorney? What will happen in court?
I was arrested for a DUI after passing out in my car with the keys in the ignition. I blew a .198. The officer said he almost let me go. I was also possibly presumably drugged at the concert I had attended that night. I was taken to detox and blew a .138 only 2 and a half hours after the initial test
I doubt there's a single lawyer who recommends a do-it-yourself on a DUI.
Is my license still revoked with a DWAI?
I just got my first ever drinking and driving charge. I was originally charged with a DUI and my arresting officer took my license immediately. I went to court and got the charges lowered to a DWAI which is only 8pts compared to the 30 something I originally was getting. I have asked this question and keep getting different answers. Is my license still automatically revoked or can I get it back? Is there anything else I should know?
There are a lot of variables to be considered in determining the impact on your license. First, your age may make a...