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DUI question: first time DUI in Florida (Osceola county).. More details below
Thanks for reading.. My father is 64 years old and was just arrested for a first time DUI ever. He was a CDL driver and we know that it highly unlikely that he will keep his CDL.. My question is, generally what are the penalties for a first time DUI? I know that all judges are different, but I'm wondering I your opinions and your experience what my father is looking at. He has never had legal trouble before, and up to this point, has been an upstanding, hardworking citizen. We lost my mother in early 2014 and we are still having a difficult time with her loss. It's no excuse for driving drunk, I'm simply providing a bit of backstory as to the before and after this incident. Thank you for your time!
Minimum requirements adjudication of guilt...dui school is 12 hours long and a victim course...2hours...50hours...
What happens if I violate my DUI misdemeanor probation by leaving the country for a job?
I do not have the money to complete the conditions of my probation nor do I have a way to attend classes that are required.
The probation officer will violate you, and the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest; finally, yiu will serve the...
What happens if i fail to complete special conditions of dui misdemeanor probation with in the specified time? first dui
this is my first dui. i did not complete my community service hours in the first 60 days. lakeland fl
Most probation officers don't want to see you fail. They will work with you to make sure you finish. That said, if you...
My sister took a blow test due to her probation requirements and failed since she drank the night before. First DUI and first
Violation. Judge clearly told her no drinking and also in her paperwork. What are the chances of her going to jail?
It depends on the judge, on how good her lawyer is and many other factors.
I was on probation for DUI 2nd offense and violated and spent some time in jail, how long can I be on probation?
I violated at my ninth month of probation, and spent 60 days in county jail, then the judge let me out if i paid all courtcosts purge, then had me come back 2 months later and when she let me out she said to do all my community serivce, so i come back last weeek i did all my community service, then the lady judge told me to continue with treatmnt an come back a few months later in march....i though the max i could be on probation for was 1 yr? i was sentenced originally in january 2014, shouldnt my probation just end on january 2015? when i left court and got my paperwork the bailiff told me i no longer need to check in with probation or pre trial release and the case is closed, so does that mean that i am still on probation, or the judge is just trying to scare me to make sure i treat?
To clarify your obligations and the term of probation, go to the courthouse and get a copy of the minute order or...
My son refused a breathalyzer. How long before he can be licensed again?
My son hit a telephone pole. No other cars were involved. After an hour or so he was asked to submit to a breathalyzer. He refused. He was not arrested nor ticketed for anything. no DUI no careless driving nothing. Later He was awoken in the middle of the night by two officers to sign something saying his license would be suspended for the refusal.
If he has no prior DUI related suspensions, the suspension for refusing is 12 months. He would be eligible for a...
Plead guilty to 2nd dui outside of 5 years. Court paperwork states 1 year interlock requirement. Dmv is not requiring interlock.
I have my hardship license right now. My probation officer said the interlock system has to do with the DMV. I asked the DMV what do i need to reinstate my license? They did not state the interlock requirement. I asked twice. Does this mean i do not need to obtain the interlock? The probation can be early terminated after 6 months.
The DMV didn't preside over your case, the judge did. So, if the Judge ordered the interlock devise, you need to work...