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even though probation has given me a good report and I have been seeing a therapist working on my issues the whole time and has written me a good letter
If you are unhappy with what is being offered by the prosecution as a plea agreement, you can enter an admission to the...
I received a DUI last February and in May it was dropped to reckless driving and I was placed on Supervision. Today I was pulled over and recveived a speeding ticket. What does this mean since I am still on supervision?
Court supervision is an opportunity to get a case dismissed without a conviction, and without points on your driving...
I was told I cannot by a bar owner and want the facts.
He can do what he wants. it's his bar. And maybe his insurance and or the dram shop law prohibits it. I know I have had...
had DUI in 2007 everything is finished but now am looking to reinstate drivers license, already have a assessment being done.
You may hire a lawyer familiar with the administrative hearings needed to reinstate with the SOS
On my second DUI. My license is eligible for renewal. I was not classified as an alcoholic but was put in the significant risk category. I was abstinent at the time of issuance of the MDDP but last evaluation I admitted to drinking 1 to 3 drinks per month. I still have yet to go to a 3rd formal hearing. I have no BAIID violations for the past 9 mos.
I am pretty sure the contents of your MDDP application will not be the subject of your formal hearing. You were a...
From my BF yesterdays court date public records. He did wrong, But trying to understand these records with the * after them... esp. last one. Every item starts with the charge being DUI and the DISPOSITION GUILTY then i wrote the SENTENCE We don't understand the ** and esp. #13 1. Conditional Discharge 18 months 2. Fine 3. Cond. discharge fee 4. Employment ** (hes sentenced to reg work which he has?) 5. Not possess illegal drug 6. abide by order of protection** (?) 7. no driving 8. no alcohol consumed 9.nowhere alc. sold 10. attend program 11. evaluation 12. public service (240 hours) 13. This said 2 counts on it: CHARGE: DUI/BAC .08/ DISPOSITION: NOLLE PROSEQUI ** Doesnt Nolle pros mean it was dismissed? So why convicted of DUI if it was dismissed. I am sure I am missing something
You are certainly missing something. Why not talk to b/f's attorney or b/f himself regarding his understanding of HIS...
I was on vacation in the country I went back to Ireland and could not afford to return for court I had no attorney representing me, now I need to return to the US in the future to visit elderly relatives what do I need to do or am I banned for re entering the country.
Although judgment and/or a warrant might have been entered in your absence, this may not affect your traveling....