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  • Arrest Made in Woodbridge Student Murder Case

    Tuesday Nov 11 | via Potomac Local 

    Tyrell Smalls, 20, of 12704 Dulcinea Place in Lake Ridge and charged him in the shooting death of Brenden Michael Wilson, 16. Wilson was shot and killed Monday outside Woodbridge Senior High School in Lake Ridge near Smalls' home. The investigation into this case has indicated that the shooting was drug related and that both parties were known to one another.


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I was stopped and arrested for DWI and Refusal in Virginia(Both 1st Offenses). I also received a PBJ judgment from Maryland for DUI(1st Offense) at the beginning of this year. What types of penalties could I face from these two charges and the possible probation violation charge? My residence state is in Maryland.
Virginia is not Maryland. If you went it alone in MD and think you may be able to do that here, you are in for a bad...
I recently got arrested for a DWI in Prince William County. My first time ever getting pulled over (supposedly going 50 in a 35 but we were already in the 45mph zone when I pulled over), I panicked and did admit to having two drinks earlier in the night when asked. Officer asked me to step out of the vehicle and perform the field sobriety tests; HGN, Walk and Turn 9 steps heel to toe counting out loud, Alphabet E-X, then standing on one leg raising the other one 6 in. off the ground and counting until he told me to stop (I counted up to 15- mississippi). I believe I performed these field test perfectly fine, but the breathalyzer is what killed it for me, .09 for PBT. ETD was .08. I have a clean record and +5 pts driving record. I don't find my deal to be quite fair.
Dropping a DUI to a reckless is a fair offer. Most attorneys offer a free consultation, so you should sit down with...
While leaving a party that was busted by the police a cop stopped me when I was leaving and told me to blow on a breathalyzer, I told him I hadn't been drinking. I actually had been but had only had one beer. I blew a .012 and apparently the legal limit is .015. When the officer who was filling out my paperwork he asked how much i blew to the officer that breathlyzed he said a .015 which I remember not being true at all.
Underage drinking is not legal. If your only defense is that the number the officer said you blew is inaccurate (i.e....
DMV sent a letter asking me to pay a reinstatement fee and get an FR-44. Called DMV and they said I have to pay and get the FR-44
Did you have a question? I'm not clear what you're asking.
My son will apply for deffered action renewal but had a DWI conviction. Will that be a basis for a disapproval?
Under the federal statute authorizing the deferred action renewal, a DUI is enough to derail the process. You will...
ARD will dismiss after program completed
Retain a good PA DUI attorney. Virginia DMV will likely suspend your Virginia license upon an out of state DUI...
I was stopped in Virginia and cited for dui and refusal. If they drop the DUI but convict on a refusal, it that a better situation than the reverse, drop the refusal and convict on dui? I want the best to keep my license as much in tact in Florida as possible. Thanks.
Prosecutors do not normally offer to drop the DWI in exchange for a refusal plea. That only happens when you have a...