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In the State of Florida, how long can a Blood Sample for a DUI tox screen go unrefrigerated? In the case I'm assisting in, the defendant's blood was inside a hot cop car for approximately two (2) days. If you could also provided a statute or procedure reference, I would appreciate it
Probably only a matter of an hour or so, perhaps a little more, depending upon the facts. Perhaps not even that much.
please explain?
I am sorry but you heard wrong. Certain counties may allow a diversion program for a first time DUI but that is it....
What is the typical wait period for the blood alcohol results in palm beach county? What is typical time for DA to possibly prosecute? Next steps.....already contacted attorney
A few months is normal especially if the accident did not result in injuries or death as those cases get priority. It...
Here is a situation arrested for driving with a suspended license not knowing license was suspended. The DMV made a mistake and the charges were dismissed based on the fact that the license was not suspended at the point of arrest. The arrest record cannot be erased. Yet all my future prospects of a job earning potential is severely damaged as a commercial driver. Being a resident of Florida and getting arrested in previous state. Yet that state has no expungement laws. THIS HAS HARMED MY Livelihood and the DMV nor the courts cares. The mental anguish and trauma this has caused is well documented and cant find an attorney who is willing to sue someone for this.
I'm unsure if your question, but Florida cannot force another state to expunge your arrest.
breathalyser did not show intoxication. refused blood test. person is on probation for 3rd degree burglary of an unoccupied structure. person was driving erratically and blacking out due to low blood sugar. he was not prescribed insulin previously, but upon arrival at jail, doctors gave him insulin.
1) On the issue of legal fees, every lawyer charges according to their own business plan. As every case and every...
Public defender called for a motion to compel. What does this mean?
You could face up to a year in jail, if your third DUI is filed as a misdemeanor, it could have been filed as a felony...
I was in an accident, only car involved. I was taken to the hospital, treated and released. While I was there blood alcohol tested. Awaiting accident report. What would happen after accident report complete? Possible license suspension? Court date? Citation? And how would I be notified?
You might be charged with DUI and will need to retain a seasoned criminal defense attorney. There are many facts which...